A national leader in health care and academic medicine, Herbert Pardes has been president and CEO of New York–Presbyterian Hospital since January 2000. As head of this renowned organization and its associated health care system, Pardes oversees one of the finest centers of outstanding clinical care, cutting-edge research, and high-quality education. Prior to assuming this post, Pardes had been director of Psychiatric Service at Presbyterian Hospital (now the Columbia Presbyterian Center of New York–Presbyterian Hospital) and chair of Columbia’s Department of Psychiatry since 1984. He also served as dean of the Faculty of Medicine and vice president of health services at Columbia’s College of Physicians & Surgeons since 1989. More than an administrator, though, Pardes was a leader in developing the Audubon biomedical research and biotechnology incubator park in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, a modern complex that is “a vehicle for translating the discoveries of new medical science into innovative new treatments for a wide range of illnesses.” Pardes graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers and earned his medical degree from the State University of New York–Downstate Medical Center in 1960.