Philip S. Schein is one of the leading international authorities in the development of new treatments for cancer. In 1987, Schein founded U.S. Bioscience, a pharmaceutical company that develops chemotherapeutic agents. During his tenure as chair and CEO of the company, he shepherded three new therapies for cancer and AIDS through development and regulatory approval in the United States, Europe, and Canada. These drugs are being used to reduce reactions to radiation and chemotherapy, to treat infections associated with AIDS, and to increase the survival of women with advanced ovarian cancer. He previously was a senior investigator and head of the National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Pharmacology Section and scientific director of the Lombardi Cancer Research Center at Georgetown University. President Bill Clinton named him to the National Cancer Advisory Board in 1994. In a past survey of department chairs and clinical program chiefs at 87 medical schools, Schein was ranked as one of the 120 best doctors in America. He has also given generously of his time to his alma mater, serving on the Rutgers University Foundation Board of Overseers and the Board of Trustees, and working with the Rutgers Research and Education Foundation.