Long regarded as the dean of Italian studies, Remigio U. Pane was the lifelong honorary president of the American Association of Teachers of Italian. He immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1929 and taught at Rutgers from 1939–81. During that time, he chaired the Department of Romance Languages from 1952–71 and served as associate dean of Rutgers College from 1977–80. He earned many honors, notably the Lateran Cross given by the Vatican in 1954 and the Cross of Italian Solidarity in 1955 and 1970 given by the Republic of Italy. He was inducted into the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta in 1976, and was named a Loyal Son of Rutgers in 1981, the same year of his retirement. In 1988, The Remigio U. Pane Bibliography Instruction Room was dedicated at Alexander Library. He was chair of the Advisory Council of Friends of the Rutgers University Libraries, where he served for 10 years. Through his efforts, membership expanded to more than 500 people. He received the Rutgers University Alumni Federation’s Meritorious Service Award in 1996. Pane died in 2000 at age 88.