Sol J. Barer, Celgene Corporation’s chairman and CEO, has been with the multinational biopharmaceutical company since 1987. Under his leadership, Celgene has grown into one of the world’s largest biotech companies, delivering innovative and life-changing products that treat cancer and other severe immune/inflammatory conditions. Barer, who studied graduate-level chemistry at Rutgers, has been a pioneer in the use of several medicines to address troublesome illnesses that have long challenged researchers around the world. Among his most significant accomplishments is his work toward establishing safe therapeutic uses for thalidomide, which has been approved to treat multiple myeloma, one of the most common blood cancers, as well as Revlimid, one of the most successful hematological malignancy drugs in history. Barer also devotes considerable time and energy to several industry and philanthropic organizations. For Rutgers, he is founding chair of the Graduate School–New Brunswick Dean’s Advisory Council; he has worked to enhance corporate, public, legislative, and alumni relations, and has helped to identify private funds for graduate student support.