Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources for a Beloved Community

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When Jonathan Holloway became the 21st president of Rutgers University, he announced that (along with academic excellence and institutional strategy), he wanted to foster what he calls a “beloved community.” A beloved community is, in its simplest terms, a university culture where every action, intention, event, and communication is grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In the summer of 2020, President Holloway requested Rutgers’ first equity audit, which revealed areas to spark the creation and sharing of resources to help the university emerge as a national leader in the DEI space. The extensive treasure trove below is meant to help all involved—including Rutgers alumni—work toward this goal together. While not a fully exhaustive list of the university’s resources and programs, these resources represent Rutgers’ strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Scarlet forever!

Self-Education Resources

Recent events and publications that highlight Rutgers’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Educational Topics: A Digital Syllabus for Self-Education on Diversity and Education

Compiled by the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities and posted by the Division of Student Affairs Rutgers Inclusion Campaign, the syllabus includes educational resources on a wide array of topics, including race and ethnicity, gender and transphobia, immigration, gender and sexism, sexual orientation, religion and spirituality, disability, socioeconomic class, mental health, self-care, and resilience.

Faculty Essays: Reflections on Black History

At this time of hope and a need for justice and healing, Rutgers Today asked faculty from across Rutgers to share their reflections, add context to this moment in history, and help chart a course for a better future. Featured are insights from eight respondents, including President Holloway.

Video Series: Beyond the Mill: A Diversity Table Talk Show

This interactive six-episode limited series provides a welcoming and relaxed environment where all members of the campus community are invited to learn, ask questions, and engage in critical conversations as Oscar Holmes sits down with faculty, staff, and field experts to discuss all things related to diversity and inclusion.

Video: A Dream of Kikeokàn/Kuponya: Black and Native American Healing

Rutgers’ Black Student Union and the Cultural Center Collaborative join together to celebrate Black History Month and honor Native American heritage. Keynote speakers President Holloway, Cornel West, and the Rev. J. R. Norwood bring awareness to the history of Black and Native American struggles and the resiliency of their social justice movements.

Video Series: Rutgers University Inclusive Academy Symposium

Hosted by Enobong “Anna” Branch, Rutgers’ senior vice president for equity, this symposium explores the importance of inclusivity in higher education and how to achieve it. The four videos feature Nancy CantorShirley MalcomTania LaVioletEarl Lewis, and Sherri-Ann Butterfield.

Article Series: Alumni DEI Resources for Personal Enrichment and Professional Growth

Developed in partnership with Alumni Workplace Engagement and Alumni Career Resources, this series of articles feature prominent Rutgers alumni providing expert knowledge on timely topics, such as How to Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations (featuring Michele Meyer-Shipp from Major League Baseball) and How to be an Ally (featuring Lloyd Freeman from Buchanan Ingersoll).

Campus News and Programs

Recent news and supportive programs from a wide range of campuses and departments that shed light on student and alumni opportunities and achievements.

News Blog: University Diversity News and Diversity Stories

Webpage: Diversity at Rutgers University–Newark

Webpage: Diversity and Inclusion at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences

Webpage: Rutgers University–Camden Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Webpage: Rutgers University–New Brunswick Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement

Videos: Rutgers University Alumni Association YouTube channel
Recording of virtual events and diversity-oriented programs featuring alumni and subject matter experts such the Alumni Workplace Engagement Business Forum: A Conversation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Courses, Trainings, and Certificate Programs

Rutgers offers several programs designed to educate individuals on cultural sensitivity, diversity, and equity in the workplace. The programs listed below help individuals navigate a diverse workplace as well as challenge their biases.

Center for Government Studies

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate program includes four courses that educate public managers on the concepts of racism, equality, and inclusion. Throughout the program, individuals will be challenged on their biases and shown how they can build a more inclusive future. An optional organizational training course called Building a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Organization is also available.

School of Management and Labor Relations

The school enables individuals with bachelor’s degrees to obtain a variety of graduate certificates. These include the Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate, which educates individuals on how to help organizations navigate a diverse workforce, and the Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Certificate, which helps individuals understand the sources of conflict in organizations and how to reduce and resolve those conflicts.

Office of Continuing Professional Education

The Office of Continuing Professional Education offers Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Training to help individuals create a respectful and effective work environment with those who have different cultural backgrounds.

Alumni Clubs and Groups

Getting involved with a Rutgers alumni group is a great way connect with other alumni who share your interests or live nearby. The following culture- and identity-based groups provide many networking opportunities.

Rutgers African-American Alumni Alliance

The alliance is an organization composed of African American, Afro-Caribbean, and African Rutgers alumni. The organization supports educational programming, spreads cultural awareness, and connects alumni, students, and faculty of African ancestry.

Rutgers Newark Black Organization of Students Alumni Association

The association’s mission is to provide mentorship to the Black Organization of Students (BOS) and engage and connect Rutgers alumni. The association holds activities and events for BOS students and alumni.

Latino Alumni Association of Rutgers University

The association is an alumni club that provides educational, vocational, and mentoring partnerships for the Latinx community. The club aims to raise cultural awareness and provide the best networking opportunities to both current and future Rutgers alumni.

Rutgers University Rainbow Alumni League

The league represents and provides services to help Rutgers LGBTQIA+ alumni. It engages the current and future alumni community to create a supportive environment for them within the university. Additionally, it helps advocate for and mentor LGBTQIA+ students.

Associate Alumnae of Douglass College

This group provides Douglass College alumnae with programs, services, and networks that help them achieve their goals and fulfill their interests and needs. The organization also provides funds to support Douglass Residential College and its students.

Rutgers Alumnae Women’s Professional Network

The network provides programs, services, and events that connect Rutgers alumnae. The network supports alumnae in their professional growth and helps them develop a stronger relationship with the university.

Rutgers Hillel Alumni Association

The association helps Jewish Rutgers alumni connect with one another by exploring and celebrating Judaism, and offers social events, community services, and religious services.

Rutgers University Muslim Alumni Association

The association provides networking opportunities, mentoring opportunities, and social events for Muslim Rutgers alumni. The association aims to foster Rutgers’ Muslim community, enhance student and alumni engagement, and celebrate the successes of distinguished alumni.

Rutgers Navy/Marine Corps Alumni Group

The group provides a communications forum for all Rutgers graduates who have served in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps, as well as sponsors events and publishes a newsletter.

Veteran Alumni of Rutgers University

This group maintains networks, provides mentoring and peer support, and promotes resources for veteran alumni.

Campus Cultural Partners

Rutgers’ Cultural Center Collaborative, chancellor-led units, and various centers provide opportunities for alumni to network with each other, stay connected to the university, and mentor current students.

Asian American Cultural Center

The center offers myriad social, cultural, and educational opportunities designed to promote, respect, and embrace the unique histories and cultural identities within the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American diaspora. It provides a supportive environment for all Rutgers students and encourages academic and professional excellence through internship opportunities, peer-to-peer mentorship, leadership and professional development, and exploration of identity.

Center for Latino Arts and Culture

The center is dedicated to building a creative space where the Rutgers community can discover and critically explore what it means to be Latinx in the United States. Programs and services use the arts and culture as the impetus for educational change. The center works with students to enhance leadership and organizational capacity, raise awareness about Latinx arts and culture, and build bridges of understanding across differences.

Paul Robeson Cultural Center

Founded in 1969, the center is dedicated to serving the Rutgers community by offering a wealth of programs, initiatives, and services that reflect the robust history, heritage, and diversity of the African diaspora. Widely recognized as the first Black cultural center on a college campus in the United States, the center is named after one of Rutgers’ most esteemed alumni, who was the university’s third Black student.

Douglass Residential College Office of Student-Alumnae Engagement

Through increased visibility, innovative programs, and yearly events that include signature Douglass programs, the office seeks to engage more alumnae with the college and its students in a meaningful way.