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We are calling on our network of 540,000+ alumni to come together and support one another during this difficult time. Share jobs that are available in your workplace or community—jobs, internships, micro-internships, projects, mentoring, upskilling, and/or professional development opportunities. Tap into a talented, diverse, and qualified group of Rutgers alumni and students to help you with a professional project, job, or internship. Submissions from all industries and occupations are welcome—for every need, there is a scarlet candidate waiting to fulfill it.

Project-based opportunities: Paid or unpaid projects, usually short-term, with a defined goal or deliverable attached to their completion, such as designing a logo, conducting data analysis, designing a website, writing a report, or conducting research. Share a project-based opportunity

Jobs, internships, or volunteer experiences: Paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time, may require ongoing work on multiple projects, and typically more long-term in duration than a single project. These opportunities may also provide academic credit, depending on the scope of work and established academic department criteria. Post a job, internship, or volunteer experience.

Advice and mentorship: Share your academic and professional experiences, tips, and guidance with Rutgers alumni and students who want to learn from you. Sign up for networking opportunities.