Use CVENT to Create and Manage Your Events

What is CVENT?

CVENT is an event management platform that allows event planners to collect event registrations, charge for ticket items, collect donations, and host event information all in one place.

Why do we use CVENT?

All Rutgers alumni and donor events are created in CVENT in order to track engagement data. When alumni and donors sign up for events that information is transferred to our contact database system (AWA).

All foundation and Rutgers University staff members that have a CVENT login will have the ability to manage their own event registration setup, maintenance, and event data collection. This self-use option allows staff to work at the pace they need for their projects. (Please note, unique logins are not available for clubs and chartered organization volunteers. Volunteers must request CVENT registration set-up at

How do I get started?

Clubs and Groups

Groups have access to CVENT records through their Rutgers University Alumni Association partner. All RUAA partners should have access to CVENT to provide you with information on who has signed up for your event and other event details. Volunteers can request CVENT registration pages for club and chartered organization sponsored events through the CVENT request form.


Rutgers University Staff

Who should use CVENT from my department?
Identify one to two dedicated CVENT users from your group (there is a limit of two users per department). Look for those who are comfortable with (and hopefully even excited about) learning and adopting new technology. Your department’s users should expect to spend a bit of time with the training materials and run through a few tests on the platform.

We chose our CVENT users. Now what?
You’ll need to confirm or obtain a NetID or Guest NetID for each identified user and fill out the CVENT support request form for account creation. Once your users are registered, they will receive an email with details on how to sign into CVENT for the first time.

Logging Into CVENT

Click here and bookmark this page—this is the CVENT single sign-on page. To sign in, enter NetID or Guest NetID and associated password.

Alternatively, you can use the following CVENT login URL:
Account Name: RUAANJ001
Username: Your full email address
Password: This is the password you established within CVENT

CVENT Training

CVENT User Guide CVENT 60 Second Overview CVENT FAQ


To request help on a particular event contact the Rutgers University Foundation communications team through the online request form: