Chartered Alumni Organizations

Chartered organizations are alumni organizations that are officially affiliated with the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) and Rutgers University. Chartered organizations promote Rutgers and the RUAA in the community and create a sense of pride and tradition among those engaged. They form for a variety of reasons, including socializing, professional networking, and volunteering.

The primary officer of each chartered organization is a member of the Alumni Leaders Council. Alumni volunteers establish and lead these groups, which represent diverse interests and affinities throughout the alumni body (schools and colleges, geographic regions, professional and recreational interests, etc.). It is through this vast volunteer alumni network of chartered organizations that the RUAA advances its mission.

Chartering Privileges

  • Designated professional staff partner with extensive volunteer engagement expertise
  • Custom Rutgers mark with group name, developed by Rutgers Trademark & Licensing department
  • Coverage for leaders under the university’s umbrella liability insurance policy
  • Email access to reach the alumni group’s full constituency
  • Event registration access for the group’s programs with fee-free credit card payment option
  • Inclusion in groups directory with informational page on RUAA website
  • Demographic data on the group constituency base and event participation data annually
  • Fundraising support through and in partnership with the Rutgers University Foundation
  • Inside AE e-newsletter with news and updates curated specifically for group volunteer leaders
  • Training and networking programs and resources to support group volunteer leaders
  • Financial support through the RUAA grant program

Minimum Responsibilities of Chartered Organizations

The purpose of being an officially chartered alumni organization of the RUAA is to connect and engage alumni and friends in meaningful ways that strengthen their pride for and bond with Rutgers University. To ensure success and sustainability in engaging Rutgers alumni, all of the following items are required in order to charter, maintain active status, and be eligible for benefits and services through the RUAA.

  1. Submit a copy of and maintain a constitution and bylaws for the chartered organization, which must clearly define a mission and constituency.
  2. Ensure that a board (or committee) of at least four members is in place and submit each board member’s contact information upon chartering and each year thereafter. Note that all officers of the chartered organization must agree to and submit the Code of Conduct annually. The president of each chartered organization will be a member of the RUAA’s Alumni Leaders Council.
  3. Host at least one organizational meeting and one program/event each year to engage the chartered organization’s target constituency.
  4. Submit an annual activity summary to the RUAA each year.
  5. Agree that the chartered organization will:

    • Abide by RUAA and University Policies
    • Not collect membership dues
    • Not enter into merchandise or other third-party contracts in which royalties are received
    • Coordinate any financial solicitations through staff liaisons in partnership with Rutgers University Foundation Annual Giving and Communications efforts. Solicitations for general operating expenses are not permitted.
    • Be volunteer led and staff coached by Rutgers University Foundation employees. Chartered organizations may not directly or indirectly hire staff outside of Rutgers University or the foundation.

Expectations of Chartered Organizations

The following expectations outline best-practice programmatic areas that chartered organizations are encouraged to consider when developing engagement activities.

  • Collaboration with other chartered alumni organizations
  • Participation in and promotion of RUAA signature initiatives
  • Contribution to the nominations processes for the Hall of Distinguished Alumni Gala, Rutgers Excellence in Alumni Leadership, RUAA Board, Board of Trustees, etc.
  • Engagement in RUAA training and education opportunities
  • Engagement in community service
  • Creation of a culture of philanthropy through individual and group support of Rutgers University Foundation
  • Social engagement
  • Career/professional networking
  • Student involvement
  • Rutgers Athletics (game-watch parties, etc.)

Chartering Process

  • Existing organizations and newly formed groups may apply to the RUAA for chartered status.
  • An online interest application is available for alumni leaders to submit their proposed organization (must agree to minimum responsibilities).
  • Interested groups will be matched with a volunteer engagement team staff member to work with them toward official charter status.
  • Once your chartered organization meets all the responsibilities and expectations, your volunteer engagement team staff member will share your completed application with the RUAA Alumni Leaders Council Committee for review.
  • The Alumni Leaders Council Committee will review the application and make recommendations to the RUAA board for approval as per the RUAA constitution.

Whether you are part of an established club or association, or a brand new group, there is a place for you in the RUAA.

Please email with any questions.