Alpha Kappa Lambda Rutgers Alumni Chapter

The purpose is to represent and connect members of The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda Rutgers Alumni Chapter with a degree from Rutgers University.

President: John Morytko LC’98
Home: 973-980-6117

Alumni Brotherhood of Kappa Sigma Upsilon

The purpose is to utilize the relationships between brothers of the fraternity by maintaining communication and keeping them aware of current activities and needs, and to encourage active participation in Rutgers events, Rutgers alumni activities and fund raisers.

President: Robert E. Braunwarth CCAS’71 / Robert H. Gross CCAS’70
Home: 856-854-9189 / 856-234-4359
Email: /

Cap & Skull Society Alumni

The purpose is to create a community for members through programming that embodies Rutgers history, spirit and tradition and strengthens alumni as a constituency and as individuals, better prepared to support their alma mater.

President: Joseph P. Nedick RC’05, RBGS’06

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Phi Tau Chapter

The purpose is to develop a lifetime of sorority sisterhood focusing on creating a social consciousness and a commitment to think and act for the greater good.

President: Nancy Hart-Esposito CCAS’85, GSC’87, CLAW’92

Latino Alumni Association of Rutgers University (LAARU)

Our mission is to serve as a voice for the Latino community, provide educational, vocational, and mentoring partnerships. We will foster cultural awareness and networking opportunities to undergraduate, graduate and alumni of Rutgers University.

Our vision is to serve as a resource for Latino community at Rutgers and beyond.

President: Saskia Leo Cipriani LC’04, SPAA’10

Livingston Theatre Company Alumni Association

The goal is to enhance and strengthen awareness through fundraising and advising support while building and maintaining a social network to help promote community responsibility, progressive social change and academic and artistic excellence.

President: Adam Tucker RC’02, RBS’02

Rho Upsilon Alumni Association

To encourage attendance at annual Homecoming and Reunion weekend social events in New Brunswick for Rutgers alumni living throughout the United States, encourage networking and relationship building between alumni and undergraduates to promote career advice and employment opportunities, and promote dinners and other events whose profits can increase fundraising to support current Rho Upsilon students.  This organization represents the Rutgers Alpha Epsilon Pi Chapter.

Club Leader: Seth Jonas, RC’91

Rutgers Alumnae Women’s Professional Network

Sponsor and support programs and events that are designed to connect Rutgers alumnae women and encourage their professional growth and development while creating a stronger bond with Rutgers University.

President: Linda C. Smith  RC’76

Rutgers Alumni Rowing Team at Camden

To engage and encourage alumni through activities which are mutually beneficial between the University, the athletic department, and alumni.

Co-President: Dina DiRenzo, SSW’03
Co-President: Jane Evans, UCC’03

Rutgers Gamma-Eta Chapter of Sigma Pi Alumni Association

To promote ongoing brotherhood and service to Sigma Pi Fraternity and Rutgers University.

 Christopher R. Brown RC’81

Rutgers Hillel Alumni Association

The Rutgers Hillel Alumni Association connects Jewish Alumni through networking, social, and philanthropic opportunities.

President: Leah D. Felner SAS’13

Rutgers Living History Society (RLHS)

The purpose is to support the Rutgers Oral History Archives Program.

President: Carl Burns RC’64, RBSG’73

Rutgers Navy/Marine Corps Alumni Group

The Mission of the Rutgers Navy/Marine Corps Alumnae/i Group is to support and assist the Rutgers University Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, when requested and deemed helpful, in the Education, Training, Historic and Operational context of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, and to provide a communications forum for all Rutgers University graduates who have served in the United States Navy & Marine Corps with the two common life experiences in education and military service.

President: Adrian H. Schreiber RC’65, SCILS’78

Rutgers Newark Black Organization of Students Alumni Association (BOSAA)

Mission: According to the submission of Rutgers University Newark Black Organization of Students Alumni Association(BOSAA) the groups goals and missions are to provide mentorship to the student organization, BOS, to engage all alumni throughout the Rutgers University system, and the surrounding community, through activities and events that are mutually beneficial to Rutgers University and BOSAA. In addition, this organization will help to preserve the Legacy of BOS on the Newark campus and throughout the Rutgers University system.

President:  Mikal Nash NCAS’89, ’92

Rutgers Spiked Shoe Club

To engage and encourage alumni through activities which are mutually beneficial between University, athletics, alumni, and the Cross Country and Track and Field Programs.

President: William T. Morrow RC’96, RBS’96
Co-President: Keith Cook LC’96

Rutgers Spirit Program Letter Winners

The mission of this group is to encourage networking between alumni cheer/dance letter winners and to promote mentoring relationships between former and current cheer/dance team participants.

President: Kelly Stensland Cirone LC’01

Rutgers Targum Alumni Association

To increase the professionalism of The Daily Targum through the advice of established publishers, editors, businessmen and women and other alumni working in the media industry and related fields. The group is also responsible for organizing reunions and social events for alumni. The association aims to utilize its network of alumni to provide seminars and workshops to Targum staff and support the paper in any way that we can.

President: Melissa Hayes DC’04

Rutgers United Nations Alumni Interest Group

The purpose and mission of the Rutgers United Nations Alumni Interest Group (RUNAIG) is to provide educational and networking opportunities for Rutgers alumni and friends on wide-ranging global issues; to connect and network with Rutgers alums engaged in current world issues; to encourage participants to think about their role in an interdependent world; to disseminate information about the activities of the United Nations and other distinctive international organizations; to advance the missions of international organizations through involvement and local activism; and to develop strong ties between Rutgers University, the United Nations, and other international organizations.

President: Maryella Hannum DC’02, GSN’17

Rutgers University Dance Marathon Alumni (RUDMA)

This group’s goals are to provide an outlet for Rutgers alumni to continue to participate and be involved in the Rutgers University Dance Marathon (RUDM) and support a foundation we loved as students. The RUDMA will continuously communicate with alumni and engage with the RUDM student leaders to improve the dance marathon and to increase the impact the Embrace Kids Foundation can have for pediatric cancer and sickle cell patients and their families. The goal is always to best help and serve these families. Our focus, for any RUDMA events or communications, will be to support the Embrace Kids Foundation and the children it helps by supporting RUDM financially and through volunteerism and public relations, in addition to any other efforts.

President: Samantha Locke SAS’14

Rutgers University Glee Club Alumni Association

The Rutgers University Glee Club Alumni Association’s goals and mission are to be an artistic and social experience that provides camaraderie, education, and student development through the preparation and quality performances of great choral music; and that engages its audience through its promotion of the traditions and spirit of Rutgers University.

President: Bob Mortensen ED’63

Rutgers University Muslim Alumni Association

Mission: To develop and maintain a network of professional and social ties between Muslim alumni of Rutgers University, and to contribute to Muslim life on campus and to the Rutgers University community at large.

: Sofia A. Iqbal PHARM’95
: Yasmin H. Ramadan SAS’16

Rutgers University Programming Alumni Association

This organization provides alumni of the “Rutgers University Programming Association” the opportunity to retain connectivity of the organization’s graduates, as well as to afford its members the opportunity to participate in social and volunteer events, as well as reunions. It is also a venue for alumni to network and mentor current members for professional and career development.

President: Gregory Kassee LC’11

Rutgers University Rainbow Alumni League

Mission: Represent and promote the interests and liberation of the LGBTQIA+ alumni of the university, and all alumni within the diverse spectrum of gender and sexuality.

Chair: Kyle Hartmann SAS’13
Newark Co-Chair: Andrew Moreira RBS’18
Treasurer: Ryan Filtz SEBS’16

Rutgers University Voorhees Choir Alumnae Association

Mission: To provide alumnae of the choir the opportunity to reconnect and network with past fellow choir members through hosted events, programs and activities. Additionally, this group aims to further bridge the gap between present and past members and work to aid the goals of the current members of the Voorhees Choir.

President: Irene Martinez, SAS’17

Rutgers–Newark Chorus Alumni Organization

This group’s mission is to promote participation in the Chorus, as a singer and/or as an active member of the group. The Organization provides various opportunities for networking and socializing with fellow singers. Other activities involve promoting and attending concerts, along with involvement in concert tours abroad.

President:  Marcel Vaughn-Handy NCAS’91,’92
Vice President: Caroline DeFreitas NCAS’02
Correspondence Secretary: Florianna Heun RBS’13
Treasurer: Emanuel Vizzotti

Sigma Delta Tau Alumni (Delta Zeta Chapter)

The group’s goals consist of reuniting alumni, getting involved with the campus, volunteering as a group, and working to fundraise for the sorority’s philanthropies.

President: Sara Parente CCAS’10

Sigma Epsilon Alumni Association

The purpose is to nurture the educational and personal advancement of the undergraduate members of the Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity at Rutgers, Camden.

President: Richard Chin, CCAS’07

The Queens Guard Alumni Association

The Queens Guard Alumni Association (QGAA) of Rutgers University represents alumni of The Queens Guard and Scarlet Rifles, and was formed to foster good relations, as well as to enhance an appreciation of our uniquely distinguished tradition, among our membership and the University community; to preserve and protect our collection of tangible and digital memorabilia at the University, as well as to secure the intellectual property rights of our precision rifle drill routine choreography; to ensure the continuation of The Queens Guard, as an active, competitive, intercollegiate team, consisting of eligible undergraduate students of the University; and to encourage our membership to participate in the broader volunteer efforts of the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) and the University community.

You may now view on YouTube spectacular performances of The Queens Guard Precision Rifle Drill Team of Rutgers University at The Edinburgh Military Tattoo (1968, 1973, 1980, 1985) and The Royal Tournament – London (1982) as filmed and narrated by the British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”).

President: Joseph Carlani RC’84

QGAA Heritage:
QGAA Exhibitions:
QGAA Reunions:
QGAA Philanthropy:
 2016 RUAA REAL Award

Veteran Alumni of Rutgers University

The purpose is to act in whatever legal and appropriate capacity that is necessary to assist veteran students to secure a state-of-the-art educational experience and to achieve personal and professional excellence.

The leadership of the Veteran Alumni of Rutgers University consists of a President and three Campus Vice Presidents representing New Brunswick, Camden and Newark Campuses. The officers can be appointed by the president until an election is held for a period of not less than a year.

President: William Brown, Sr. CCAS’81H

Vice President (Camden Campus): William Mead CCAS’79

Secretary: Jake Jones CCAS’10, GSC’13

Treasurer: D.W. Janszky SBC’01