A Conversation with the Graduate School of Education Alumni Association’s Dissertation Award Recipients

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The three 2021 GSEAA Dissertation Award recipients will discuss their research as it relates to issues of social justice

Anita R. Kumar, Ed.D.
Recipient of the Angelo L. Tomaso Award for Excellence in Dissertation
Learning to Enact Effective Teacher-Child Interactions in a Practice-Based Course

Stephanie A. Brescia, Ph.D.
Recipient of the Arleen H. Urban Excellence in Dissertation Award
Food Insecurity at Rutgers New Brunswick: Three Investigations into the Personal, Academic, and Institutional Factors that Affect the Persistence of Food Insecure Students in Higher Education

Ariel Leget, Ed.D.
Recipient of the Evelyn Headley Award for Outstanding Dissertation.
Black Students’ Perceptions of a Paul Robeson Living-Learning Community


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

7:00 PM-8:00 PM ET

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Awards & Recognition