AADC Smart Talks: What would you do? Dirty Linen: How Women Sued the Reader’s Digest and Changed History

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Join us during Women’s History Month at the AADC Smart Talk featuring Elaine Auerbach ‘67, author of “Dirty Linen: How Women Sued the Reader’s Digest and Changed History.” Elaine tells the story of how she and seven other women put their jobs, lives, and hearts on the line when they sued the largest-selling magazine in the world for sexual discrimination. It covers the professional and personal challenges faced and how the lawsuit changed the media business forever. She will provide insight into the process described as an “everywoman manifesto and a gentle tutorial on fundamental civil rights activism.” Elaine was an editor for 13 years at Reader’s Digest, followed by nearly three decades as a public relations executive at PepsiCo, Inc. Her book is available from Wildcat Press and as an e-book on Amazon. Read more at www.elaineauerbachauthor.com.


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

7:00 PM ET

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Industry & Academic Experts