Discussing race, class and culture through the drama series, Colin in Black & White (Part 2)

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AADC Excellence in Inclusion and Equity Initiative Workshop:

Join Dr. Terry Whitt Bailey ’86 for a two part group discussion on the drama series Colin in Black & White. The show, narrated by Colin Kaepernick, a civil rights activist and a former quarterback, is a recounting of Colin’s formative years navigating race, class and culture while aspiring for greatness. This workshop on April 13 will focus on episodes 4-6. Dr. Bailey is an admired community activist, arts administrator and advocate for educational equity. She currently serves as first Vice President and Chief Program Officer at the Center for Leadership Development, a nationally-recognized nonprofit in Central Indiana that fosters the advancement of minority youth by providing experiences that encourage personal development and educational attainment.


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

7:00 PM ET

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Industry & Academic Experts