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2022 Annual Conference

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What is rhythm? To a poet, it’s the way of shaping the flow of their writing; to an architect, it’s the repeated designs that create aesthetic appeal; to a chronobiologist, it’s the internal clock that lies within living organisms. And for you and me, it’s the nature of our existence, the knowledge that time moves on, that we will wake up tomorrow, that we will do it all over again.

But what happens when, for better or for worse, the rhythms of our everyday lives change? Using this theme, we have the opportunity to confront the pandemic and long overdue racial reckoning that has radically changed the status quo— the very patterns and rhythms that have shattered throughout the past year.

And on a more hopeful note, we can also celebrate those rhythms that make life more beautiful– the music that moves our feet, the biological hardwiring that keeps our hearts beating, and the habits that we construct to become better and brighter people.

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

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Industry & Academic Experts