Support the Scarlet Council

Made up of current Rutgers students, the Scarlet Council does amazing volunteer work in the Rutgers community. From boosting spirits on game day to running charity races, council members love to work alongside alumni, and they welcome your involvement.

Become a Mentor

Sharing your story could change a student’s life. These opportunities range from semester-long mentorships to critiquing resumes at a Career Services event. Click on the programs listed below to learn more.

Alumni-Industry Scholars Program
Envisioned and funded with alumni support, this program gives Rutgers engineering students the opportunity of an enhanced education combining academics, professional networking, career coaching, and financial support.

Alumni Scarlet Knights (ASK) is a network of passionate alumni who represent Rutgers at college fairs and recruit top students from outside New Jersey.

Career Connect is an online platform for sharing your academic and professional experiences, tips, and guidance with Rutgers alumni and students.

Career Exploration Night is a roundtable discussion where alumni share details about “a day in the life” in their career field with students.

Douglass Externship Experience
Host a student from Douglass Residential College at your workplace! As a site mentor, you can be the first step in helping a Douglass student prepare for the career of their dreams. Site mentors introduce students to the industry and may assign them small projects to complete.

Jewish Mentoring Initiative
The Jewish Mentoring Initiative at Rutgers pairs RU students with experts in their intended field of work. These Jewish professionals of New Jersey will act as mentors to guide students to success in the professional world. During the course of the semester, the group will meet as a whole three times for food, fun activities, and advice on the world after college. For additional information, please contact

Masters in Business and Science (MBS) Externship Exchange Program
This program is a valuable resource for companies and provides students with experiential learning opportunities and is held every semester.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Mentoring Program
Help someone’s career take off in just 2-hours each month!

Road to Industry Programs (RTIP)
A high-impact mentoring program designed to connect students to alumni industry experts.

Road to Silicon V/Alley Program (RSVP)
The Road to Silicon V/Alley Program (RSVP) paves the way for students to become leaders in innovation (intrapreneurship) and entrepreneurship in a digital age. Rutgers Business School is working with university partners to be at the forefront of enhancing the educational opportunities for students across Rutgers University.

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Alumni Mentorship
Join our database that matches alumni with current students to participate in opportunities such as shadowing, researching, and speaking at lectures.

RU–Newark Career Development Center
Contact the Center to learn how you can mentor students at Rutgers University-Newark.

Rutgers Business School Newark and New Brunswick Mentoring Programs
These three programs are designed to help business students reach their leadership potential.

Rutgers I-Corps™ Site
This NSF-funded program is open to all faculty, staff, students and recent alumni who have innovations they want to commercialize. Mentors with industry or entrepreneurship experience are encouraged to participate.

Rutgers Law School Mentoring Program
Help Rutgers Law School students in Newark or Camden prepare for their careers.

Rutgers SAS Educational Opportunity Fund
The SAS EOF Mentoring Program provides scholars an opportunity to participate in a one-on-one relationship with a caring graduate of the EOF program for a time period mutually upon by both.

Rutgers School of Arts & Sciences Honors Program Summer Shadow Program
Apply to be a mentor in the SAS Honors Summer Shadow Experience. This is a one-day job shadowing experience that gives Honors Alumni an opportunity to mentor a current Honors student and help them to preview a potential career at your place of work.

Rutgers University Honors College Mentorship Community
From externships to speaking engagements, connect with students of Rutgers University-New Brunswick’s prestigious Honors College.

WINGS Mentoring Program
Co-sponsored by the Institute for Women’s Leadership and the Center for Women and Work, Women Investing in and Guiding Students (WINGS) is designed to link selected undergraduate Rutgers women with successful professionals.