Alumni Workplace Engagement (AWE) brings together Rutgers graduates who work within the same company, empowering them to network, take part in career growth opportunities, and strengthen both their employer and their ties to their alma mater.

As a Rutgers graduate, you have a lot to gain by interacting with scarlet coworkers, no matter where you are in your career. Likewise, corporations also benefit from bringing together a strong Rutgers cohort because it promotes collaboration, team building, and mentoring.

Help open these pathways to success and encourage your contacts to participate in Rutgers Alumni Workplace Engagement!

Advantages for Rutgers alumni

  • Identifies new career paths within an organization
  • Promotes mentorships between all professional levels while enabling networking between departments
  • Increases volunteer and service opportunities, which also support career growth
  • Encourages employees to seek out professional development and training opportunities

Advantages for companies

  • Infuses new ideas company-wide as young alumni put cutting-edge concepts into practice
  • Helps make high-level company goals more actionable by developing key strategic partnerships with Rutgers faculty and students
  • Supports higher employee retention by fostering relationship-building while offering low-cost training and life-long learning programs from Rutgers
  • Promotes a business to other organizations and community members associated with the university

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To learn more about the Alumni Workplace Engagement program, please contact:
John Borgese
Van Nest Hall, Room 308
(848) 932-7117