If we need to cancel an event or a session, how can we make sure attendees do not get automatically refunded?

As a reminder, foundation accounting needs to manually process all refunds, so we do not want to cancel events or sessions in CVENT. Instead, adjust your event’s end date and archive date so that they are in the past. For sessions, you have the option to indicate whether or not a session is open for registration. This feature is listed under the session “Status and Capacity” section. Simply select “No” so that the session no longer displays on your registration site. In both cases, you will need to notify accounting to process refunds and you will need to manually notify attendees. If your event is listed on the RUAA event calendar, please submit the CVENT support request form to have it removed.

Is it possible to register for an attendee on the back end for a special price point, without the price point displaying onsite?

Absolutely. You will need to access your event from the “Event Homepage” and then navigate to the “Invitee Management” section. Click “Register Invitee” (located under the “Quick Action” header for standard events). Follow the instructions and fill in the registrant’s information. When you reach the payment page, you will see a button allowing you to “Edit Amounts” – this will allow you to adjust the amount that you charge for the registrant. If you are charging a fee for the registrant, you will be able to enter payment details on this page as well. If the registration is complimentary, you can simply click “Finish.”

Does the address book create a new record each time a registration is submitted?

Yes, the CVENT address book will update each time a new registration is submitted. However, this does not happen if there is no email address associated with the registration. When you are setting up your registration process for guests, keep in mind that if you do not make email address a required field, the guest will not be added to the address book if the field is left blank.

If we need to manually close an event prior to the start date, will we still be able to check in guests using the OnArrival app?

When you close an event prior to the start date (or when the event reaches capacity and registration closes automatically), CVENT will add a notification to the top of your event website to notify visitors that the event is closed so there is no confusion. The option to click “Register” on the event website disappears as well. If you are using the OnArrival app to check in guests onsite at your event, you will have no trouble doing so, even if your event was manually closed prior to the start date.

If we close an event prior to the start date, can it be reopened?

Yes, you can manually reopen an event at any time through the event start date. Navigate to the event overview page and click the green “Reopen Registration” button. If your event has closed because it reached the capacity you set on the event details page, simply update the capacity to a greater number to allow for more registrations. Just remember that you may also need to update your capacity on your ticket types/admission items if you set those as well.

Can we use the OnArrival app to process credit card payment onsite?

You can use the OnArrival app to manually enter registration details for onsite registrants, but you may not use your iphone/ipad to process those payments through the app. Instead, the Foundation offers wireless credit card terminals that are approved for travel to be used to process onsite payments. If you would like to request the terminals for use, or have questions or concerns, please email accounting at dw367@ruf.rutgers.edu. If onsite registrants can access the event site from their own personal device, they can certainly complete the registration on their own as an alternative.

Is there a way to add a new price point for onsite registrations (the day of the event) and remove the old/existing price?

Yes, for express events, navigate to the event details section, update your existing price to give it an end date so it no longer shows. Then, add in your new, onsite ticket type with the updated price. For standard events, you can utilize the “Early Bird Pricing” feature to accomplish this. Any time you have a fee set up (tied to an admission item, session, or track), simply click to “Add Early Bird Pricing” – enter in your onsite (higher) price as the main fee, and set up your early bird price to conclude the day prior to your event.