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A Bright Future

A Bright Future

Jason Gaines SAS’17

Since 2008, the Rutgers Future Scholars program has introduced thousands of low-income, talented middle-schoolers to the promise and opportunities of higher education. Jason Gaines, who grew up in New Brunswick, NJ, was among the first group of seventh graders granted spots in the program the year it was launched. He is now among the first group of Future Scholars to graduate from Rutgers.

How Rutgers Future Scholars changed his life: “Rutgers Future Scholars staff pushed me to be better and were always there for me. They are my family for the rest of my life.”

What’s next for him: “I plan to have a career in marketing. I have interned at AT&T for three summers, so I want to have a career in corporate America. I also plan to pursue some entrepreneurial ventures across various industries.”

Why he’s Scarlet Forever: “My experience at Rutgers taught me so much about myself and what I want out of life. It has been an amazing journey that I will always value. There is no university like ours, and I will forever bleed scarlet.”

What he supports: The Rutgers Future Scholars program, because it helps students from less-advantaged communities—just like he once was—prepare for college and beyond. “I was one of those students and I want to inspire them to be great,” he says. “I will always fight for them to succeed.”

Why he gives: “I give back to Rutgers because this is my home. It has been a constant force in my life since seventh grade. I am proud of this community and its potential.”

Why alumni should give back to Rutgers: “I would ask them to think about the experiences that made them feel most connected to the university. Think about how great it would be if other students could have the opportunity to have those experiences.”

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