Alumni Profiles

Animal Instincts

Rebecca Potosky

Last summer, Rebecca Potosky, senior research animal care technician with the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, gave President Holloway and his wife Aisling Colón a tour of the Cook campus farm before her Faces & Voices interview and even showed them how to milk the goats.

Potosky CC’07 is a life-long animal lover who first found Rutgers through 4-H and now teaches the small ruminant practicum. The native New Jerseyan and Rutgers alumna has been working at the university since earning her bachelor’s degree in animal science in 2007. She sat down with Holloway in the Round Barn to talk about Rutgers’ land-grant roots, the unique opportunities animal experience-based education provides students, and her passion for both her profession and her pastime training agility and disc dogs.

“I am living the dream,” she said. “I’m doing basically what I set out to do and doing it with animals that I’ve always been passionate about. Hopefully, I’m passing that along to my students.”

Watch Rebecca Potosky sit down with Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway on Faces & Voices of Rutgers.

Rebecca Ptosky with President Holloway