Alumni Profiles

Elevating the Student Veteran Experience

James Negri

At age 27, James Negri has followed a long and winding road to reach his achievements, travelling farther than most. The recent Rutgers–Newark graduate and graphic designer has distinguished himself both academically and creatively. After graduating in May, the 27-year-old has pursued a career that utilizes his skills in 3D design and augmented reality.

But before starting his college career, Negri NCAS’22 spent four years as a combat engineer in the U.S. Marine Corps. In his Faces & Voices interview with President Jonathan Holloway, the two connect about their love of travel and commitment to elevating the experience of Rutgers’ student veterans. Seated in Express Newark’s print shop surrounded by massive wood-and-metal printing equipment, Negri shares with Holloway his experiences melding art with social justice, opens up about the stigma and loneliness student veterans face when returning to civilian life, and commends Rutgers for the wealth of resources it provides to help student veterans succeed.

Watch James Negri sit down with Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway on Faces & Voices of Rutgers.

James Negri with President Holloway