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Engineering Scarlet Pride

Squire Servance ENG’04

Squire Servance ENG’04Squire Servance double majored in biomedical engineering and cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers. These disciplines not only gave him a strong understanding of life sciences, but also taught him to think analytically and critically—a vital skill needed for his career as an attorney for a global pharmaceutical company. Servance came to Rutgers because of its great academic reputation and feels fortunate to have received an academic scholarship.

What activities were you involved in when you were a student at Rutgers?
“I was involved in the National Society of Black Engineers and its Rutgers affiliate, the Minority Engineering Educational Task. I was also part of Cap and Skull and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.”

What was a formative time in your life at Rutgers?
“I found my majors to be challenging academically but had a wonderful network of supportive deans. My senior design thesis is something that I remember most because it tied together all of my education at Rutgers.”

How did your Rutgers experience shape your life?
“Through both coursework and student group involvement, I learned key hard and soft skills that I still use today.”

Are there any programs and causes at Rutgers that you support?
“My mother taught me the importance of giving back to individuals and organizations that have impacted me. At Rutgers, I support scholarships, student diversity initiatives, and programs such as Cap and Skull.”

What are your favorite ways to stay engaged with Rutgers?
“I am the treasurer of the RUAA Board of Directors. I think the RUAA is doing some wonderful things, so it is exciting to be part of it all. I like to get back for football games and stay in touch with friends. I also helped my class raise more than $17,000 for our class scholarship in honor of our 10th milestone year.”

Why are you Scarlet Forever?
“My experiences at Rutgers helped shape the person I am today, and I am forever grateful. So it is an honor to pay it forward.”