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Making a Splash

Denise Letendre
Denise Letendre RC’10

Denise Letendre RC’10

Denise Letendre was recruited for the women’s swim team at Rutgers but it was the university’s academic reputation that was the bigger draw for her. Letendre, from Missouri, feels fortunate to have learned so much in such a diverse institution as Rutgers. Today, she is an attorney in Virginia and always finds time to showcase her scarlet pride.

What activities were you involved in when you were a student at Rutgers?
“I was part of the first group of six students selected for the Law, Justice, and Society Fellowship. We studied for two weeks at the University of Oxford. I was also in the undergraduate associates program at the Eagleton Institute of Politics.”

Are there any programs and causes at Rutgers that you support?
“I received both athletic and academic scholarships. I have been supporting Rutgers since graduation and annually give to areas that are most meaningful to me: athletics, the Universitywide Student Support Fund, and Rutgers Future Scholars. I donate so I can provide opportunities for current students to grow and have wonderful experiences like I had.”

How do you hope your support will have an impact on Rutgers?
“Giving back helps me show my appreciation and feel connected. I love to come back to campus and see all the changes and know my support has made an impact, even if in a small way.”

Why should alumni support the university through philanthropy?
“Look at where you are today and how you got there. Rutgers played a role. If Rutgers continues to succeed, you succeed.”

Do you volunteer at Rutgers or with the RUAA?
“I joined my fifth anniversary class campaign committee, which was very meaningful. We raised close to $10,000 for Rutgers Future Scholars, which prepares underrepresented students for college and offers assistance to those who attend Rutgers.”

Why are you Scarlet Forever?
“I loved my time at Rutgers and received a great education. It’s important to stay connected and to support the place that gave me so much. I will forever share my scarlet pride!”