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Michael Anderson NCAS’18

Michael Anderson didn’t need a complicated algorithm to figure out that the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Rutgers University–Newark was the right place for him. Wishing to make a change from his job as a paralegal, he transferred from a community college to Rutgers–Newark to work toward a four-year degree in computer science. During his senior year, grateful for a scholarship and supportive faculty, Michael started making a monthly gift to the department that helped launch him into a new career.

Why did you choose to make a monthly gift to Rutgers?
If not for Rutgers, I would not be working in computer science today. A few years ago, I decided to make a career change, and transferred from a two-year institution to Rutgers. With the help of a scholarship, I completed a four-year degree and got a full-time job in software development for the New York Public Library. I am deeply grateful to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and for my scholarship for making my career change possible. My monthly gift pales in comparison to the quality experience I received, but I know even small gifts can add up with others to make an impact for future Rutgers students.

What was your favorite part of your Rutgers experience?
By far, my favorite part was the interaction with faculty and staff in the department. As a transfer student, it was difficult coming into a new program and a new campus. I experienced hands-on instruction and compassionate advising from my professors. Everyone I encountered was generous with his or her time and universally positive. I learned so much and built lasting connections along the way.

Why should other alumni give back to Rutgers?
A small monthly contribution is nothing compared to the experience and knowledge that Rutgers University gives its students. Thanks to Rutgers, we have the ability to pursue our dreams and make careers for ourselves. Whether it is $5 a month or $25, any gift amount has a meaningful impact on programs, students, and more. One by one, gifts add up. For me, $5 a month is feasible as a new graduate. It allows me to make a lasting difference over the course of the year.

Why are you Scarlet Forever?
Staying connected to my mentors within the department is important to me, which is also why I have chosen to give back. Ensuring that other students have the same opportunities that I did is important. I am grateful for the path that Rutgers–Newark opened up for me. Because of my time as a Rutgers student, I have a lifelong career, friendships, and a place to call home.

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