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Spring 2023 Class Columns


Class Columns are written twice a year by alumni who have volunteered to be correspondents for their class. If your class year has a correspondent and you’d like to share news with them, just look for their contact information at the end of their column.


Class Column: Now aged 100, I still walk a mile daily after breakfast, still drive, play bridge every Thursday, and still travel internationally at least once a year.

I’ve lost touch with any other 43’ers.

As one of the few (only?) WWII vets in my small town outside Los Angeles, I’m in demand on holidays. I’ve recently been interviewed by a local paper for Veteran’s Day, and gave a Veteran’s Day talk at a local club.

William Suter AG’43:


Class Column: I missed the summer column, sorry. I haven’t much to report.

So far, I think there are three of us left: Spence Ross, Sam Goldfarb, and myself. We expect to be around next Spring.

Stay well.

Morton Burke ENG’45, GSNB’48:


Class Column: Our 75th reunion will be celebrated at Homecoming, Oct. 2023—the exact weekend and details to be announced. In the meantime, let us know if you plan to attend—just email or call me and share any ideas you may have.

As of the end of 2022, we still had about $2,000 in our unspecified class account with the Rutgers Foundation. It would be great if we can increase that amount as our class has, over the years, been one of the most involved alumni classes within the University. Now it seems prudent to make this our last. Consider making a contribution for the class of 1948 unspecified account in honor of our 75th reunion.

More information to follow—

Bart Klion RC’48 (Class President/Class Correspondent)
43 Abby Lane—Ballston Lake, NY 12019
518-930-0509 (home)
914-5988-4362 (mobile)


Class Column: Thanks to the following class contributors:

Jack Witemeyer CC’55, Class President, lent his support to encourage more class participation communicating with a declining class population.

Gordon MacDonald CC’55, Class Vice President, is in Naples, FL for the winter after a successful bout with bladder cancer and grateful for the academic progress of his grandchildren.

Ken Mason RC’55, in Washington, DC, retired (Colonel) from the Air Force Reserve and 32 years as Secretary of the U.S. International Trade Commission. Worked professionally with classmates Jack Hughes RC’55 and Guy Powell RC’55 among others.

Martin Giesbrecht RC’55, active in Cincinnati/KY area studying economics, exercising daily, and playing clarinet for cash in local bands.

Dick Prentiss RC’55, former DU classmate, living in Florida, just passed his 90th birthday and is still vertical and breathing.

Danny White RC’55, can’t drive any more, but has a great view of the Hudson River in his upstream apartment.  Lost both a daughter and his wife during the past year, stays in touch with Ron Mastrolia RC’55 who is in Florida.

Bob Messina RC’55, faithful contributor, also lost his wife this past year and is searching for a “new normal.”

John Lenkey RC’55, our transplant explorer from RU Business School, living in Pittsburg, enjoying family, travel and being 90.

Bob Tarcza RC’55, looking for RU classmate Steve Dola RC’55, who was also with Bob at New Brunswick HS.

Walt Staab RC’55, retired from the advertising business in NYC and enjoying life.  Wishes all classmates a healthy and happy new year.

Ken Andersen RC’55 retired in Durham, NH where he has lived since 1960 as a member of the Dept of Chemistry at the university of New Hampshire.  He and his partner Meche have family in the area—kids and grandchildren.

Paul Dubow RC’55, has moved from downtown San Francisco to an adult facility across the Bay in Danville, CA.  Gave up his long-term law practice but still provides consulting services. Also cut back on his ocean salmon fishing. Hopes to get together with other Northern CA classmates Tony Marchese RC’55 and Bob McBride RC’55.

Gordon Jewett RC’55. I’m in my 15th year at same retirement community where my wife and I moved. June died July 31, 2018, but I’ve stayed on in Cincinnati. Kids are all west of the Mississippi so don’t see them as much as I would like. I joined a local barbershop chorus and have enjoyed it a lot. Health pretty good, but only drive local in daytime. Thanks for your faithful work as class scribe. God is good.

Paul Bedell RC’55 We are alive and well (for 89-year-olds). Still in Bellmore, NY. Just celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary with our 25 family members. Still daily exercise routine of ten miles bicycling and stretching and hope to continue. Best wishes, Kay and Paul Bedell.

Would welcome any information from:

Charles Spilman, Dover, NJ; John MacGregor, East Orange, NJ; Leonard Levy, Montvale, NJ; Barry Stieglitz, North Bergen, NJ.

Bob McBride RC’55:; 916-773-3603


Class Column: We have lost another classmate and a dear friend, Duane “Dewey” Storms RC’57, who passed away peacefully on June 1, 2022. At Rutgers, he was a member Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. Dewey was always very active in alumni affairs and participated in reunion committees and class campaigns. If you look at “the Class of 1957 Plaza” in front of the Alumni House (Van Nest Hall), you will see a bench with his name on it.

After graduation he joined the Coast Guard for 2 years active duty and four years in reserve. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

He next stepped into the world of computers where he spent many years in computer programming and business development all over the world. He retired in 2002 from Lockheed Martin as a Senior VP.

Dewey enjoyed many hobbies but golf was one of his favorites. I had the pleasure of playing with him many times over the years. He was a member of the Commonwealth Club in Montclair, NJ.

He is survived by three children—Rebecca, David, Matthew—and seven grandchildren.

Harold Kaplan RC’57:


Class Column: News from several classmates…

Jack Canal RC’58: “We had a great hurricane season this year in central Florida, TWO of them hit us in less than 3 weeks apart, Ian and Nicole. This time we were all prepared as we had no power outages or major wind and storm damage. We were all hunkered-down as they say. Now getting back to normal. I am well and still playing golf two times a week. Also still doing my own lawn and landscaping work, Keeps me fit and healthy. Talked to Bob Bear last week and he is fine and still kicking, not as high or as fast as old days, but still good. We got together several times prior to pandemic and our age limits us to phone call and such. I have given up traveling beyond 50 miles of home, so no more reunions, sorry. Hope all class and team mates are well and healthy. Keep kicking, guys.”

Dave Pooley ED’58 “Big news here is our surroundings…Florida. After 32 years, Mabel and I have relocated. We are now residing at the Sunflower Springs assisted living facility in Homosassa, FL (only about 7 miles from our long-held home). We are adjusting gradually. We found that we required greater assistance…I slog along.”

Tony Curto RC’58: “My book A Mind of Their Own was just published and is available on Amazon, Kindle, etc. and bookstores everywhere. Also, I negotiated the sale of the theatrical rights for my client, Joy Mangano, and the Broadway opening for her musical Joy is happening on December 14.” Tony’s first book was The Time for Justice. “Spending all my time watching the economy, I think it’s the biggest story that we have to watch, and when it crashes most of what we’ve been complaining about will get straightened out and be more like the time we grew up with the added facility of technology.”

Bob Langford RC’58: “Still alive and aging in cold Minnesota. Expecting two grandsons next year! Just received the invite to this year’s Rutgers Living History Society event. The last one I remember was the one we attended with Rick Atkinson as recipient. I read 5 of his great books! After a chemo bout for NH Lymphoma, it caused a significant problem with my heart, reducing function by half, so I am living with heart failure, trying to get better. Not much success. Can walk about 10 yards, and mostly sit at home, reading. I have a great heart failure doctor trained at Mayo, so if anyone can help, he will. Already minimized breathing issues, so I have hope. Wish we could get together. Rutgers won today. Amazing!”

Hank Goetz RC’58 was the pilot on a TWA flight hijacked in 1972. He discusses the experience here:

Allan Maitlin RC’58: “Just a note to let you know I am still working, almost last man standing. Grandson Jack Maitlin just finished first semester at RU: sports management /journalism major, had a blast, formed a flag football team and got to the university finals. He played on the big field at the stadium. He also is playing club baseball, I believe he is interested in Chi Phi. Son David graduated president of DU (last one) class of ’93. His son Jack is 3rd generation RU. Sorry, no discount. I see Ed Cohen RC’58 quite often. He is recovering from Covid-19 but doing nicely. He will try to make our 65th.

Tom Guback RC’58: “Still sort of working. It used to be half time; now it’s part time of half time. I’m serving as priest a couple of Sundays each month at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Elk Rapids MI. Helping to keep the parish open as I challenge my lucidity and spark my perceptions. A visit to RU keeps getting postponed by germs and weather, but maybe I’ll attempt one this spring. Keep on keeping on, guys.”

Pierre Fournier RC’58 and Janet “traveled to New Orleans between Xmas and New Years to visit the WWII museum and enjoy great cuisine. Met the former mayor of New Orleans during a workout at the hotel gym. He is the current president of the National Urban League in NYC: lives in New Jersey and was visiting relatives in New Orleans. I turned 87 Christmas Day and am still playing tennis three times a week.” OOHRAH!!

Tony Grifa RC’58: “Still working as a licensed tour guide doing walking tours in NYC. Only work Spring and Fall. Daughter Alison has been teaching at LSU in Baton Rouge for the last 4 years. Get to see LSU football once a year and RU 1-2 times. Of course I have season tickets for RU wrestling.”

Gene Simms RC’58: “Still working in the environmental business and reviewing books at home, but on Monday I will log some soil samples from borings at a site—that way get out of house work. and get some fresh air. Looking forward to some canoeing this summer.”

Robert Max RC’58, GSE’78 EdD:, 856-467-8148


Class Column: Several announcements to share…

Dick Emmons ENG’59, perhaps the senior member of our class, celebrated his 90th birthday in June. “My wife gave me a surprise bash like she has on my 80th and 85th, and I’m always surprised.” He adds, “I recently had an offer to come back to work! I think about it and then lay down until the thought goes away.”

Sadly, we must report the death of three more classmates:

Dr. Robert Barron RC’59 died on May 23, 2022, at age 87. A U.S. Army veteran, Bob earned his doctorate in physics from Temple University and taught at Rutgers, Stockton State College and Wildwood High School. In addition, with his brother he established Bob and Jon’s TV, which operated for over 30 years in Avalon, NJ. He played trombone in a community band and was a deacon, Sunday School teacher and choir member in the Baptist church. His wife of 56 years, Muriel, preceded him in death. He is survived by three children and eight grandchildren.

The Rev. Al Niese RC’59, 84, died on August 15, 2022. After receiving graduate degrees from General Theological Seminary and New York Theological Seminary and being ordained an Episcopal priest, he served as a canon at Trinity Cathedral in Newark, NJ, and rector/assistant rector of churches in Fair Lawn, Short Hills, and Bernardsville, NJ. Retiring to Maine, he served as a supply priest in several parishes and was a board member of several civic associations. Passionate about social justice and civil rights, he participated in the 1963 March on Washington and organized transportation to the 1965 Selma to Montgomery march. On a personal note, he was a dear friend. Al is survived by his wife Bronda, a son and daughter and four grandchildren.

Dr. Barry Zitomer RC’59 died on July 20, 2022 at age 84. He received his M.D. from Penn, completed his internal medicine residency at Philadelphia General and served two years as a U.S. Navy physician at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, CA. After a cardiology fellowship at UC Irvine, he joined a group practice in Morristown, NJ. Barry is survived by his wife Shirley, two children, and a grandson.

On a brighter note, we have a contest. In moving offices, the Rutgers Alumni Association uncovered a couple of pieces of sample merchandise from our 50th reunion: A black cotton V-neck sweater, size large, with RUTGERS CLASS OF ’59 embroidered on the chest and a beige “paperboy” cap embroidered 19R59 in red. The first reader to respond for either or both is the winner. If you’re not the winner, it will still be good to hear from you!

Alan Schreihofer RC’59:


Class Column: We lost three more classmates: Stephen Ira Bistner RC’61Donald Gardeski RC’61, and Donald Charles Stone RC’61. Obituaries can be found online.

After graduating from Rutgers, Stephen earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell. He became one of the founding fathers and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology. At 35 years of age became one of the youngest tenured professors at Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine. A career highlight was the publication of his “Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment.” In 1977, Stephen joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine, retiring in 2005.

Donald Gardeski earned a Master’s Degree from the University of Vermont. He worked as an engineer at IBM. Donald owned and operated Catskill Creek Kennel where he bred, raised and trained champion field trial winning beagles.

Following Rutgers, Donald Charles Stone served as a officer in the United States Army at White Sands Missile Range, NM. In 1963 he joined Sandia National Laboratories, retiring following 34 years of service as a Department Manager in Security and Labor Relations. Donald enjoyed whitewater rafting and for 35 years was active in wildness search and rescue. He participated in more than 600 missions serving as Incident Commander on more than 100. Donald served two terms on the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Search and Rescue Council. He was an EMT.

Tom Siegel RC’61:
3739 Waldorf Drive
Dallas, Texas 75229


Class Column: Many updates to share…

Jeff Teitel RC’65 moved to Ormond Beach, FL and is still providing PFAS consulting services to private equity firms.

Michael Wiener RC’65 gathered with friends in Thailand for his 80th birthday Dec.24. Trip highlights included a visit to the bridge over the River Khwai.

Rich Stefan RC’65 says he’s “still loving retirement” and will go to his timeshare in Aruba for 2 weeks in June.

Al Turgeon RC’65 spent the first few years after graduation in the US Army, including a year in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot then graduate school at Michigan State, followed by a 40-year academic career.

Michael Goodkind RC’65 made two trips to Paris and one trip to New Jersey (unfortunately for the funeral of his youngest sister).

Ed Belding RC’65 says Christmas was “one of the best we ever had” with family enjoying food and music. He’s into history research, painting, poetry, gaming design, and book writing.

Bob Reardon RC’65, a frequent contributor to our column, has had health problems the last 6 months.

Ans Dzelzkalns RC’65, my fellow long distance runner at RU, put a sliver of graphite through his thumb while regripping his son’s golf clubs which required surgery.

Steve Bosin RC’65 celebrated his 80th birthday and is still practicing employment law in River Edge, N.J.

John Lipman RC’65 says “We don’t bounce well as we get older” referring to my ladder fall. Right John!

Dave Wolf RC’65 spent holidays in Collegeville, PA with daughter, daughter-in-law and (only) grandson plus NC daughter.

Fred Harding RC’65 sent his regrets about my fall.

Dom Addario RC’65 has continued his trumpet playing since Rutgers and has an 18 piece swing big Band.

Lloyd Christianson RC’65 also fell from a ladder in 1999 but is “much more careful now.”

Dennis Brodkin RC’65 had a trip to LA canceled because of Covid and started an injection therapy to treat the anemia that accompanies his leukemia.

Bill Lewers RC’65 continues to work as a seasonal employee for the Fairfax County, Virginia, Office of Elections. His fourth novel in the “Gatekeepers of Democracy” series is scheduled for an early 2023 publication.

Jim Hughes RC’65 is now in his 52nd year at Rutgers and heading two research project teams at the School of Engineering and entertained President Holloway at his house.

John Corcoran RC’65 “escaped twenty plus years working in the entertainment and television business relatively unscathed,” has two boys and lives outside LA.

Joe Ludwig RC’65 celebrated his 80th New Year’s Eve.

Arno Liivak RC’65 is trying to get in touch with classmate Lars Peters RC’65.

A broken hip for Dave Kuch RC’65 but he’s back on his bike, doing volunteer work and hopes to row his single soon.

Bob Mudie RC’65 is recovering from a fractured hip (bike accident) and Covid! He’s finishing a 3-year term on session and still playing the bells and singing in the choir.

Rich Smolenski RC’65 traveled to India, National Parks in AZ & UT and to Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse in SD.

Stephen Schwartz RC’65 is enjoying retirement in Charleston, S.C. but also spends time in Hawaii and Key West and New York City.

Bill Sterling RC’65 in Houston says “hobby is travel as well as treating my grand-nieces and nephews to trips to Paris, Buenos Aires, and the UK.”

Don Green RC’65 is back in NJ to be near his children and grandchildren after retirement from his medical practice.

Les Goodman RC’65 had dinner with James Graham and Marco Battaglia from the Rutgers Foundation and is trying to develop an alumni group in Southwest Florida.

Tom Clark RC’65, having already travelled to 89 countries has no travel plans but is scheduled for shoulder replacement surgery.

Joe Daku RC’65 had family from all across the country to Venice, FL to honor him for reaching 80.

Bill Schwartz RC’65 says his grandson (4.0 GPA, 6’8”, 350 lbs.) has been approached by the Rutgers football team to visit Rutgers.

Norm Thetford RC’65 continues to row almost daily and won two golds at the World Masters Regatta in Libourne, France.

Jim Hackett RC’65 is grooming his 2-year-old grandson to be a tight end like his grandfather.

Chuck Hennings RC’65:


Class Column: Several updates to share…

Ken Johnson ENG’66 has been inducted into the Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni. He is chairman of the Philanthropy Task Force of the Board of Trustees. He was Reunion chairman for our 50th. Ken used his engineering background to help develop spaceflight technologies.

Bill Pollinger RC’66 just retired after a 53-year career in law. He was a civil case litigator focusing on insurance and government entities. Out of court, he has been a track and field official for 30 years, officiating at national and international events since 2004. He also has managed the U.S. track and field team.

Another of our class’s lawyers, Tom Kennedy RC’66, is retired after years in private practice in Vermont and Pennsylvania. He instructed at Harvard Law School’s International Tax Program and was an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Michael Perlin RC’66, a now-retired instructor at the New York Law School, donated many books to the school. It has catalogued 99 of them as the “Michael Perlin Collection,” with a book plate in each one. Michael has specialized in mental disability law.

Frank Tamru RC’66 has put together a memoir, “Power, In the Hands of a Select Few,” about his involvement with heart surgeons in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia. He was based in Singapore in heart-valve research. While there, he helped create Asia’s first journal for local heart specialists.

The New York Times obituary of Lucy Simon of the Simon Sisters noted they got a career boost by singing on the TV show “Hootenanny” in the spring of 1963. Steve Frakt RC’66 and Ed Malberg RC’66 remember it well. The show was taped at the Ledge and they were there.

Eric Krebs RC’66 is still producing theater in New York. His latest, “Why Is the Government in My Soup?” features Judge Andrew P. Napolitano sharing his thoughts and opinions on the day’s top issues.

We’ve lost three more classmates. John Bravo RC’66 of Marlton died July 3 of pulmonary lymphoma. He worked for the Defense Personnel Support Center in Philadelphia. More recently, John became a TV movie producer, acted in community theater, and helped present awards at the N.J. Science Fair.

Gerald Shargel RC’66 died July 16 in New York of Alzheimer’s disease. He was described in a New York Times obituary as a man who “unapologetically vowed to ‘do anything that the law will allow’ to defend the Mafia bosses, crooked politicians, and other miscreants…in more than four decades as a savvy criminal lawyer.”

Ronald Hollander RC’66 of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, died July 4. He served in the Army, stationed in South Korea, before pursuing a 50-year law career in New York. His obituary noted he was “deeply dedicated to his clients, always giving of himself to ensure the best outcome for them.”

Larry Benjamin RC’66:
122 Almond Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
908-907-3884 (cell), 732-625-9797 (home).


Class Column: Bob Gravani RC’67 and Jack Frost RC’67 reported: “We celebrated our 55th reunion in October with a class luncheon at the Rutgers Club, a reception at Old Queens for the ringing of the Old Queens Bell, and the Old Guard Dinner. The dinner was excellent, and the new Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway gave a very inspirational presentation on his vision for RU. He stayed afterwards to mingle with those in attendance. The next day, the football game against Indiana was terrific. Class members (and some spouses) who were in town after the game gathered in a private room at a New Brunswick restaurant for drinks and dinner. As you might guess, there were lots of stories and laughs as our yearbook was passed around. A good time was had by those who made the various events.”

Michael Moran RC’67:


Class Column: This column will again be devoted to remembering some deceased classmates.  For other information about our class, please email me at to be added to my newsletter or visit

Robert G. Jones RC’68 died on September 4, 2022. Bob grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. At Rutgers, he majored in psychology and was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa. He earned a master’s degree from Widener University and worked for Lockheed Martin, Penn State University and the Upper Chichester School District. Bob also lived in Upper Chichester, Pa. He is survived by his wife Mary Luise Williams, two children and many grandchildren. His obituary can be found at

Frederick J. Lenczycki RC’68 died on October 17, 2021. Frederick grew up in Elkridge, Maryland where he was a two-time state wrestling champion. At Rutgers, Frederick was a business major and a member of the wrestling team. He did graduate work at Bucknell before serving his ROTC obligation in the Army which included service in Vietnam. After the Army, Frederick earned a PhD at the University of Arizona, followed by a 30-year career at the University High School in Tucson, Arizona. He is survived by his wife, Maria Michele Brubaker, a step-daughter and three step-grandchildren. The full obituary is at

An Agricultural Business major at Rutgers, Ronald Olsen RC’68 died on July 22, 2022. Ronald grew up on Staten Island. While on the Banks, Ronald was a member of the crew team and Alpha Sigma Phi. After college, he served as a Navy pilot including service in the Vietnam War. Ronald continued in aviation working for W.R. Grace, Cigna Insurance, and Pepsico. He married Ann Kinnaman in 1978, but sadly, she died from acute myelogenous leukemia in 1987. With his second wife, Wilda Hayes, Ronald devoted much of his life to supporting cancer patients and their families. Wilda survives Ronald as do two step-children. Ronald’s obituary is at

On behalf of the Class of 1968, I extend congratulations to our classmates on lives well lived and condolences to their families.

John Zinn RC’68:


Class Column: Only received one item. Ken Bielen RC’71 writes he has a new book, Portraying Performer Image in Record Album Cover Art. It’s published by Lexington Books. It’s about the intersection of record album covers with popular culture. It’s his fifth book. After 34 years in Bowling Green, Ohio, he and wife Mary moved to the Richmond, VA. suburbs.

Please note new mailing address. I finally retired, after 46 years, except for 1 day a month working at the State Mental Hospital. Moved back to Whidbey Island, where my wife and I met in 1976.

Ken Common RC’71:
1294 Dunlap Dr.
Freeland, WA. 98249


Class Column: This past October during beautiful fall days our class had our 50th reunion. The highlights were the class dinner at the Rutgers Club, a far cry from the old one on College Ave that we used decades ago. We had a lovely dinner and speakers.  The next day, many of us went on a tour of the campus and a special tour of the honor college. We also enjoyed other events, exhibits and speakers. That night we had the Old Guard Dinner with the President of Rutgers, Jonathan Holloway. On the backdrop screen were the enlarged pictures of the classmates at the reunion from our yearbook scrolling across the screen. The next day many of us went to the homecoming game against Indiana and Rutgers won! I wish many more of our classmates would have come but those that did enjoyed themselves. Thank you to all who donated to our class gift.

Special thanks to Our Class President and Campaign Chair Richard Kent RC’72. Richard did a great deal of work organizing our reunion and contacting our classmates about our reunion and class gift. Without his work and leadership, the success of our reunion and class gift would not have happened.

Before our dinner I met 3 former class of 1972 football players, Gerald (Rod) Hennessey RC’72, Sam Picketts RC’72 (former all east linebacker) and Hugh McCarron RC’72. I had several emails from Rod about his past which were very interesting. He received his master’s degree at Yale rooming with RU 1972 grad Peter Seligmann RC’72. Rod worked for the Nature Conservancy and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, NJ Dept. of Conservation, and Harvard Black Rock Research Forest. Rod is married with two grown sons. He and his wife are living on a farm on the banks of the Machipongo River in the Delmarva Peninsula. I have seen pictures of his produce, they are amazing.

Dan Kramer RC’72:


Class Column: Classmate Marc Lerner RC’73 has been working half-time or so following retirements from UC Irvine (Pediatrics) and the Orange County CA county school district, serving as the medical officer. Last fall he was expecting to head off to play some golf in New Zealand with his wife, Karen Weissmann DC’76.

Edward Nusbaum (NLAW ’73) and his firm were recently recognized by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers as a 2023 Best Law Firm.

A question regarding our—wait for it!—50th reunion came up. The University has moved reunions to coincide with Homecoming in the fall. Information will be forthcoming, but there will be special opportunities for our class to interact and engage on campus. As of this writing, the date has not been determined, but my guess is the opponent will be Wagner on Sept. 30.

With our 50th in mind, please consider donating to Rutgers in any way, but remember our class’ endowed scholarship which, at last contact, was funding two full scholarships to deserving students. Please send in your happenings for me to include in this column; I’m at

Bob Cancro RC’73:


Class Column: Several updates to share…

Carl Glassman RC’74, Class President, sends greetings and the following message: “Our 50th Class Reunion is not far-off (2024). We’ll soon be looking for some volunteers to serve on our Reunion Committee. Best wishes this holiday season, and have a healthy, happy new year too. Stand-by for reunion news!”

Bill Fernekes RC’74 writes that in October 2022 Rowman and Littlefield published a book he co-edited with Gloria T. Alter of DeKalb, Illinois, The Human Rights Imperative in Teacher Education: Developing Compassion, Understanding and Advocacy. This is an edited volume with contributions from an international set of authors on human rights education and how it can be integrated into teacher education, both pre and in-service. He is also completing a manuscript on the life and career of former U.S. Senator from NJ, Clifford P. Case, and in June, Bill signed a contract to have that book published by Lexington Press. Bill and his wife are well after his getting over a bout with COVID. His wife is still working hard as a jewelry artist selling her work online.

Gus Haritos RC’74 offers his help with the Reunion Committee and finds it hard to believe that 50 years have passed since that day in May, 1974.

On one of my two visits to New Jersey to visit my sister Betsy Whitehead RC’80 and family, I caught up with fraternity brother and fellow classmate Bill Kneller. He has been working in finance for years and acknowledged that he still hooks up with old friends for the occasional Grateful Dead shows (well, the offshoots of the original group). Two of my sister’s kids are Rutgers graduates, Edward Whitehead SEBS’11 who is a firefighter with Western Fire Defense and living in Old Bridge with his wife, Katie, and Charlotte Whitehead RC’16 who is a banker working in Rahway. On my second visit, I was able to see Rutgers beat Wagner 66–7.

Your correspondent is submitting the column from a very cold Admont, Austria, which is half way between Graz and Salzburg. Enjoying the very traditional Austrian Christmas season which includes Krampusnacht, St. Nicholas, Christmas Markets, Gluhwein, and live trees with candles.

Richard Stier CAES’74:
627 Cherry Avenue
Sonoma, CA  95476


Class Column: 2023 is here and this May will be the 45th anniversary of our graduation from Rutgers! Seems like yesterday but lots has happened in the years since we left campus. Why not take a trip down memory lane and let your classmates know what you’ve been up to since? Simply send an email to me at the address below. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Speaking of a trip down memory lane, if you’re familiar with Rutgers history you may know that the NJ College for Women was founded in 1918, renamed Douglass College in1955 and became Douglass Residential College in 2007. However you may not be aware that there was a Rutgers Female Institute that opened in 1839 as NYC’s first institution of higher education for women. It was located on the Lower East side and according to “Untapped New York” offered a one-year course of study at the higher education level as well as classes for younger girls. As you might suspect the school was named for Henry Rutgers, the namesake of our alma mater, although his estate provided the land for the facility there was no formal connection with the University.

The “Untapped New York” story revealed that in 1860 the school moved “uptown” to a location on Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street across from what is now the NY Public Library, seven years later it changed its name to Rutgers Female College and began offering a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree. A Harlem branch opened in 1869 but closed around 1872, a larger campus of the main college was envisioned but never realized. The College remained on Fifth Avenue until moving to 55th Street in 1882 and finally closed in 1895.

Until next time …

Mike Blishak RC’78:


Class Column: Hey everybody. Not much to report this time out. By the time this article hits, I will be a grandfather again, for the third time.

I continue to speak with my roomies on a regular basis, Mike Dello Stritto RC’82, Anthony Angelosante RC’82, and George Goldberg RC’82. Then there are the adjunct roommates Manny Katz RC’82 (who continues to find ways to add steps to the corporate latter as he is now President & CEO ArrMaz Products, Inc. Global Specialty Materials, Full P&L, Strategy, Operations, Transformation) and Ed Saxton RC’82.

Still rapping with my RU baseball mate, Elliot Dorin RC’82.

So, if you are tired and bored of hearing about the same folks from the Class of ’82, then write in and tell me something good.

All the best,

Norman Schleiffer RC’82:
168 Longwood Drive
Manalapan, NJ  07726


Class Column: Mega congratulations to dear friend Donna Sweeney RC’83 for finally retiring after 39 and a half years of gainful employment with the NJ Department of Corrections. I believe her next goal is to be Middlesex County pickleball champion. Huge shout-out to the men’s basketball team for keeping me distracted from inflation, Covid, etc. the last few years. Send me some news!

Milan S. Indrisek RC’83:


Class Column: We recognize the passing of the following Class of 1990 members: John W. Symonds CC’90 on June 19, 2022 and Pamela G. Torain MGSA’90 on July 25, 2022.

Robert Bardsley RC’90: