RUAA Board

The Rutgers University Alumni Association Board of Directors is the main leadership body of the RUAA, consisting of a board chair, officers, and members who serve three-year terms. The board partners with the RUAA’s Alumni Engagement team in the core functions of the department to further the association’s goals and mission.

For complete information about the board’s structure, powers, and duties, please see the RUAA Bylaws and Constitution.

Alumni Leaders Council

The Rutgers Alumni Leaders Council is an assembly of volunteer alumni leaders, including members of the RUAA Board, leaders of the chartered alumni organizations, at-large members, and university partners who share in the RUAA’s vision. While the council’s members are involved with the RUAA and the university in diverse ways, their membership on the council serves the entire alumni body.

Scarlet Council

Encouraging students to interact with–and see themselves as part of–the worldwide network of Rutgers alumni is one of the RUAA’s top priorities. Founded to help build that connectivity, the Scarlet Council is composed of leadership-minded Rutgers students who want to foster lifelong pride and involvement in the university.

Rutgers Governing Boards

Because the priorities of the RUAA are closely aligned with those of the university, association leaders ensure that communication and consultation with Rutgers’ governing boards take place on a regular basis. The university’s governing boards consist of the Board of Governors and the Board of Trustees, with additional non-voting faculty and student members elected by the University Senate.