Leadership Opportunities

About the Council

The Rutgers Alumni Leaders Council is an assembly of volunteer alumni leaders, including members of the RUAA Board, leaders of the chartered alumni organizations, at-large members, and university partners who share in the RUAA’s vision. While the council’s members are involved with the RUAA and the university in diverse ways, their membership on the council does not represent any individual group or interest, but rather serves the entire alumni body.

The council officially convenes at least once annually, at the Alumni Leaders Conference. The Alumni Leaders Conference is generally held on or near campus in the fall.  The conference is an event where council members gather to share best practices and new ideas in alumni engagement. It is an opportunity to network with each other and university leadership. The council is also responsible for ratifying the slate of RUAA Board officers and board members annually.

Learn more about RUAA leadership opportunities and the application process.

At-Large Members of the Council

Eslam Abdelbasset SCJ’15
Elizabeth Abitanto NCAS’08, SPAA’11
Arpit Arora RC’09, NJMS’13
John P. Berg PHARM’92, ’00
Julie M. Bianchini SAS’10
Christopher R. Castellano ENG’95
Jordan S. Cohen SAS’18
Rolland C. Coutinho CC’88
William H. Cummings RC’75
Carla Davenport CCAS’87, SBC’16
Amanda A. Ebokosia NCAS’08
Amber Edrington SPAA’16
Kenneth V. Fowlkes CCAS’79
Eileen M. Fuzer CCAS’86, SBC’86
Marilyn E. Gonyo GSE’76
Brittany S. Hale NCAS’09
Kristen F. Huang SAS’16, GSE’17
Fatmata Y. Kabia CCAS’04, GSC’06
Cierra Kaler-Jones SAS’15
Sarah W. Kelly DC’04, SPH’09
Nick LaBrocca SAS’16
Joseph H. Lemkin RC’90
Vinay Limbachia SAS’11
Lisa Maddox-Douglas SPAA’14
Rosslin Mensah-Boaeng SAS’18
Jacquelin O. Moorman NCAS’95
Oluwadamilola Onifade SAS’18
Richard J. Ramones RC’08, CLAW’11
Kim L. Sciallo UCNB’97, SMLR’97
Daniel J. Sontupe RC’92
Iesha M. Suber DC’06, SPH’11
Daniel Swartley-McArdle CCAS’09, GSC’13
Thomas J. Szymanski RC’08, CLAW’11

Alumni Representatives on the University Senate

William A. Dreyer RC’70
Daniel E. Fox RC’79, NJMS’83
Lisa Maddox-Douglas SPAA’14
Josephine Marchetta RC’82
Houshang L. Parsa RC’80
Thomas A. Struble CC’81