Volunteering in a leadership capacity at your alma mater is a great way to enhance your professional portfolio, make a tangible difference at Rutgers, and of course, stay scarlet forever.

Apply for one of the following leadership positions by February 21, 2020 to step up to the challenge:

RUAA Board of Directors Member
At-large Member of the Alumni Leaders Council
Alumni Senator of the University Senate

RUAA Board of Directors Member

Applications are now being accepted for the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) Board of Directors. The RUAA represents more than 500,000 alumni from all university locations and seeks to have a board that reflects the diversity of the alumni body.

The RUAA offers events, volunteer opportunities, exclusive benefits and more ways for alumni to build upon their unique relationship to Rutgers no matter when they graduated or where they live. All alumni are members of the association for free, for life.

Any member of the RUAA is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Members of the RUAA Board of Directors are asked to:

  • represent all alumni, not just their own schools and classmates;
  • work in partnership with the Department of Alumni Relations in the oversight, management, and operations of the RUAA;
  • share ideas and react to proposals about how best to engage alumni in the life of the university, and promote interest among alumni in attending alumni events;
  • reach out to friends, neighbors, colleagues, and associates to identify Rutgers alumni and encourage their involvement in the association and its chartered organizations;
  • attend board meetings in person or by special arrangement and participate in teleconferences as needed to discuss alumni association activities; and
  • participate regularly in alumni activities on campus, in New Jersey, or in their region.

Please review the RUAA board fact sheet for a full description of the roles and responsibilities prior to submitting an application. All members of the board will be required to comply with conflict of interest policies as stipulated by any applicable law and by university policies.

Term length: Three years

Application deadline: February 21, 2020

At-large Member of the Alumni Leaders Council

The RUAA Alumni Leaders Council is an assembly of volunteer alumni leaders, including members of the RUAA Board, leaders of chartered alumni organizations, at-large members, and university partners who share in the RUAA’s vision. While the council’s members are involved with the RUAA and the university in diverse ways, their membership on the council does not represent any individual group or interest, but rather serves the entire alumni body.

The council officially convenes at least once annually. The council is also responsible for ratifying the slate of RUAA Board of Directors annually.

Please review the at-large member fact sheet prior to submitting a nomination.

Term length: Two years

Application deadline: February 21, 2020

Alumni Senator of the Rutgers University Senate

The Rutgers University Senate is the only advisory and legislative body that represents the entire community of faculty, students, staff, administrators and alumni to the Rutgers’ president and boards. The University Senate sets the university calendar, regulates the relationships between the various disciplines, and advises the president and the Board of Governors on virtually every major academic and policy question affecting the Rutgers community.

There are six (6) alumni seats on the University Senate. Alumni elected to the Senate have made important contributions to the life of the university and serve on committees of the Senate, including the Executive Committee. The University Senate and its committees meet on one or two Fridays per month (the commitment varies depending on committee assignment).

Please review the full University Senate details and meeting calendar before completing the application form.

Term length: Three years

Application deadline: February 21, 2020

All applications are reviewed by the RUAA Nominations Committee. The committee is charged with making recommendations to the RUAA board; and ensures that sound policies, practices, and monitoring mechanisms exist for managing the nominations process. They will evaluate each application individually and take into consideration passion for the institution, alignment with the RUAA and university’s strategic priorities, representation of the alumni body, philanthropy through the Rutgers University Foundation and willingness to give annually, current and/or former involvement with the university, foundation, and/or the RUAA.

For questions on the application process please contact vpalr@ruf.rutgers.edu or call 848-932-1994.