Meet the RUAA Board of Directors

The Board of the Rutgers University Alumni Association has authority over the affairs of the RUAA. The board partners with the Department of Alumni Engagement to further the goals of the mission of the RUAA.

For complete information about the board’s structure, powers, and duties, please see the RUAA Bylaws and Constitution.

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Board Officers

Debra O'NealDebra A. Holston O’Neal LC’87
msw90@comcast.netWhat it Means to be Scarlet Forever
I get excited when I see a Block R. I have fond memories of friends and activities I enjoyed when I lived on campus. I appreciate the professors who provided opportunities and pushed me to achieve more than I could have imagined. After graduation, I found a supportive alumni community. I am never alone when I am back on the Banks. As a proud alum, I freely give my time, talent and treasure to support Rutgers. Scarlet Forever means being thankful for my education while being an ambassador for Rutgers.
Social Work, State Government
gloria_vanderhamGloria K. Vanderham RC’00, SCILS’00
Vice Chair
gk.vanderham@gmail.comWhat it Means to be Scarlet Forever
Scarlet Forever means never forgetting where you came from and always celebrating with pride your connection with Rutgers alumni around the world. As a part of being Scarlet Forever, it’s important that alumni continue to give back in time, talent, or treasure so that we continue to foster the growth of our stellar alumni base and raise the bar for future alumni involvement. Rutgers is a force. I am #scarletforever.
Industry Communications, Oncology, and Pharmaceuticals
Jeff LinfanteJeffrey Linfante CC’85, RSDM’90
Corporate Secretary
jeffreyl@mac.comWhat it Means to be Scarlet Forever
Scarlet Forever is knowing the past and promoting the future. It is putting an emphasis on your own life to give back and be involved with the RUAA at all levels, understanding that recent graduates and current students are the future of the RUAA and supporting their success.
Iesha SuberIesha Suber DC’06, SHP’11
iesha.Suber@rwjbh.orgWhat it Means to be Scarlet Forever
It means having a sense of pride for Rutgers that compels you to serve a community that has the power to change the world. As part of this scarlet forever community, each one of use has the power and responsibility to make contributions to make Rutgers a better place for future generations of students.
Public Health

Board Members

Michael AdlerMichael Adler RC’95
What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverIt is a lifelong commitment to creating a space where diverse voices of any generation of alumni and students can come and feel connected to one another and our Scarlet Forever community. Our collective voice and collaboration as an alumni community is what can lift and progress the university.


Dominique FloresDominique Flores CNUR’19What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverThe RUAA needs to be a place where all of our alumni are welcomed and celebrated. When all of are working together to build strong connections that span generations, locations, and professions we are making Rutgers a better place. The passion that runs through us is Scarlet Forever.


Priscilla Glover
Priscilla Glover, RC’92
What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverAs an out-of-state student from the Southeast, the gritty intensity of intelligent, humble, and driven Rutgers students was intimidating yet inspirational. The students and faculty at Rutgers reminded me I was not entitled to success and pushed me to strive for excellence. Rutgers gave me the character and academic foundation necessary to succeed professionally. In return, and in gratitude, I am committed to supporting the success of Rutgers as an institution and helping build the strength of the RUAA network.Industry

Brittany Hale
Brittany Hale NCAS’09

Dana Jones DC’04, GSBC’07, CLAW’07

What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverI continue to advocate for Rutgers and for our alumni to be better engaged with the university. Our community is constantly growing and evolving and with that change comes a great sense of community and belonging. When we are able to gather and network our pride is unmatched and our commitment to excellence is unwavering. I am Scarlet Forever because of the drive I have to advance the standing of Rutgers.


Logan Lee
Logan Lee SCILS’18

What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverGrowing up, I saw this modeled in my family members and friends, many of whom met while students at Rutgers. They were proud to have Rutgers roots, and it’s that kind of pride that being scarlet forever carries for me: Pride in identity and experience. I value the things I got from Rutgers and the opportunities it afforded me, and I carry that with me everywhere I go.

Higher education

Christopher MaizysChristopher Maizys LC’93What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverBeing part of the Scarlet Forever community has many benefits, but this community only works when all parties are contributing. Rutgers has faced many challenges over its history and will face many more. Because of my Scarlet Forever passion, I am committed to face challenges head on to help create a community to welcome new people from all different backgrounds and lasts for generations.


Talib MorganTalib Morgan NCAS’96, RBSG’98What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverI believe in service. Being Scarlet Forever is a commitment to helping our community learn to respect and value difference. Our alumni come from all over New Jersey and the world and we should all be contributing to help Rutgers continue to solve challenges.


Wilfredo Rodriguez
Wilfredo Rodriguez SSW’10
What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverIt means once you graduate Rutgers, you are forever part of this greater family. Rutgers graduates are all over the globe. We make a difference in every corner of the planet. Wherever you go in the world, you will someone who graduated from this great institution. While Rutgers may be New Jersey, it is worldwide. Therefore, you have family all over the globe. With Rutgers, there is no such thing as borders.

Rakhi Shah
Rakhi Shah SAS’18What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverJust like there is no single path to and from Rutgers, there is no single way to be Scarlet Forever. When I think back on my time as a student, Rutgers changed my life in many ways. In return, I hope to help advance and change Rutgers in many ways. I hold Rutgers to a high standard, I advocate on its behalf, and I help other alumni feel like they can and should do the same. That is Scarlet Forever.


Latoya SingletonLatoya Singleton NCAS’07, RBSG’10What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverI am a proud alumna who is vested in seeing Rutgers continue to provide a world-class education to all students regardless of socioeconomic background. The alumni association should continue to be a place where all alumni can gather and collaborate in meaningful ways to support students. Rutgers has provided all of us with unique opportunities and skills that we can use to help better our Scarlet Forever community.


Coltrane StansburyColtrane Stansbury EJBG’04What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverWe have one of the most diverse alumni populations with alumni from all over the world in every career imaginable. Our commitment to diversity and equity in education ensures that all of us can play a role in supporting Rutgers in its continuing journey toward being the top public research university in service to the advancement of society.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jennifer TurnerJennifer Turner SHP’19
What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverBeing Scarlet Forever reflecting on everything we have accomplished while recognizing that this institution is poised for even greater achievements. We need to harness the power of all of the university’s many resources, including the alumni association, in order to continue to provide a world-class education and service to the communities we are a part of around the world.


Tishekia Williams
Tishekia E. Williams, Esq. CLAW’08
What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverBeing Scarlet Forever means honoring the revolutionary roots of Rutgers University. It means belonging to an institution with a long legacy of diversity, equity, and inclusion in action. Scarlet Forever means celebrating the history of a law school that boldly stood at the forefront of the social justice movement in the 60s and 70s and surpassed its peers in the admission of women and people of color. A law school affectionately known as “People’s Electric Law School,” because of its progressive social agenda. Being Scarlet Forever is being a proud member of an academic institution with 29 schools and colleges, 300 research centers and institutes, +71,000 graduate and undergraduate students and over 540,000 alumni worldwide. I am Scarlet Forever because I am committed to ensuring that the impact and legacy of Rutgers University exist for another 250 years.

Sabrina Worthy EnwereSabrina Worthy Enwere SAS’11What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverBeing Scarlet Forever pushes me to continuously improve communities that I belong to. I see my education as a blessing and gift that has helped lead me down a path and continues to advance me forward. Because of my Scarlet Forever passion, I find it imperative to advocate for affordable college and promote diversity and equity in areas of law, science and medicine so that Rutgers can also lead and create paths for others.



Dewanna Graham RC’94
Ronald Ladell RC’83
Houshang Parsa RC’80

Term Lengths

Expiring June 30, 2023
Debra A. Holston O’Neal LC’87
Gloria K. Vanderham RC’00, SCILS’00
Iesha Suber DC’06, SHP’11
Jeffrey Linfante CC’85, RSDM’90

Expiring June 30, 2023
Dominique Flores CNUR’19
Dana Jones DC’04, CSBC’07, CLAW’07
Christopher Maizys LC’93
Rakhi Shah SAS’18
Sabrina Worthy Enwere SAS’11

Expiring June 20, 2024
Michael Adler RC’95
Talib Morgan NCAS’96, RBSG’98
Latoya Singleton NCAS’07, RBSG’10
Coltrane Stansbury EJBG’04
Jennifer Turner SHP’19

Expiring June 20, 2025
Priscilla Glover RC’92
Brittany Hale NCAS’09
Logan Lee SCILS’18
Wilfredo Rodriguez SSW’20
Tishekia Williams CLAW’08