Meet the RUAA Board of Directors

The Board of the Rutgers University Alumni Association has authority over the affairs of the RUAA. The board partners with the Department of Alumni Engagement to further the goals of the mission of the RUAA.

For complete information about the board’s structure, powers, and duties, please see the RUAA Bylaws and Constitution.

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Board Officers

Gregory_A_Bedard.pngGregory A. Bedard RC’97, RBS’03
gregory.bedard@alumni.rutgers.eduWhat it Means to be Scarlet Forever
Since graduation, there have been new, unique, and meaningful ways to connect with Rutgers in each phase of my life, whether as a recent graduate, through my professional life, or while raising my family. In doing so, I’m giving back to Rutgers and helping other alumni connect with Rutgers and one another. Go RU!

Accounting/finance, insurance, investment management

Amanda EbokosiaAmanda Ebokosia NCAS’08
Vice Chair

Nonprofit management

Jeff LinfanteJeffrey Linfante CC’85, RSDM’90
linfante@sdm.rutgers.eduWhat it Means to be Scarlet Forever
Scarlet Forever is knowing the past and promoting the future. It is putting an emphasis on your own life to give back and be involved with the RUAA at all levels, understanding that recent graduates and current students are the future of the RUAA and supporting their success.

Higher Education

gloria_vanderhamGloria K. Vanderham RC’00, SCILS’00
Corporate Secretary
gloria.vanderham@alumni.rutgers.eduWhat it Means to be Scarlet Forever
Scarlet Forever means never forgetting where you came from and always celebrating with pride your connection with Rutgers alumni around the world. As a part of being Scarlet Forever, it’s important that alumni continue to give back in time, talent, or treasure so that we continue to foster the growth of our stellar alumni base and raise the bar for future alumni involvement. Rutgers is a force. I am #scarletforever.

Oncology pharmaceuticals

Josh HarramanJosh Harraman, Ph.D.
Vice President for Alumni Engagement, Annual Giving, and Advancement Communications

Board Members

matthew_aquinoMatthew Aquino LC’08, RBS’08

What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverIt means having a sense of pride for Rutgers and a lifelong commitment to giving back to a place that means so much to me. It means being a Rutgers fan and supporter, actively engaging with and mentoring students and fellow alumni, making an impact, and contributing in many ways to make Rutgers a better place for future generations of students.

Financial services, alternative asset management

John BorakJohn Borak RC’66, RBS’68What it Means to be Scarlet Forever

To truly be Scarlet Forever, you need to know the history of the university and understand how it has changed and grown over the years. I believe that once you realize that you are part of the Rutgers tradition and history, you will be Scarlet Forever. Rutgers has helped me change and grow and for that I am Scarlet Forever.

Credit risk management

Ruth Ann BurnsRuth Ann Burns DC’67, GSNB’75What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverBeing Scarlet Forever is appreciating the diversity and unity of the entire Rutgers community. I am very proud of this community and am very passionate about building stronger bonds among our alumni. We have so many alumni to be proud of and so many accomplishments to celebrate. I am excited to help grow this community and continue to welcome new Scarlet Forever alumni.


Andrew CianciaAndrew J. Ciancia ENG’68, GSNB’70What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverTo me, Scarlet Forever means feeling pride in my academic roots and gratitude toward those that guided me during my time “on the banks.” It means staying connected to fellow classmates and faculty and giving back to Rutgers to support future generations of graduates.

Engineering and construction

Gizelle ClemensGizelle Clemens SPAA’13What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverScarlet Forever is appreciating the professors, administrators and staff who supported and encouraged me up to graduation and recognizing that Rutgers will always serve as a home for me and thousands of alumni. Being Scarlet Forever is being part of a half million strong community and knowing that I have a voice to help bring marginalized alumni to the center of engagement to make sure they also have a voice at the table.

Healthcare Administration

Neda Farid NCAS’86

Dominique FloresDominique Flores CNUR’19What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverThe RUAA needs to be a place where all of our alumni are welcomed and celebrated. When all of are working together to build strong connections that span generations, locations, and professions we are making Rutgers a better place. The passion that runs through us is Scarlet Forever.


daryl_johnsonDaryl W. Johnson CCAS’84

What it Means to be Scarlet Forever

Scarlet Forever speaks to the work ethic and commitment required, as well as the sacrifices made, in order to graduate. It means reflecting on the great friendships that resulted in priceless memories. It is the pride in knowing you are part of a significant and diverse professional community. It is gratitude for the people we connected with that challenged and supported our efforts, and inspired us to pursue our goals, and for the initiatives that positively impact a much wider audience than we can imagine.

Public sector—community relations

Dana Jones DC’04, GSBC’07, CLAW’07

What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverI continue to advocate for Rutgers and for our alumni to be better engaged with the university. Our community is constantly growing and evolving and with that change comes a great sense of community and belonging. When we are able to gather and network our pride is unmatched and our commitment to excellence is unwavering. I am Scarlet Forever because of the drive I have to advance the standing of Rutgers.


Christopher MaizysChristopher Maizys LC’93What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverBeing part of the Scarlet Forever community has many benefits, but this community only works when all parties are contributing. Rutgers has faced many challenges over its history and will face many more. Because of my Scarlet Forever passion, I am committed to face challenges head on to help create a community to welcome new people from all different backgrounds and lasts for generations.


tennille_r._mccoyTennille R. McCoy SMLR’08

State government administration

Gio NinanGigio Ninan CLAW’11What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverBeing Scarlet Forever is about the strength of the Rutgers education, the diversity of its students and the alumni connections. I believe very strongly in building meaningful relationships and planting seeds that can be grown over time. The Rutgers community has helped me build very meaningful relationships in my career advancement and I am proud to serve as an ambassador for Rutgers representing the knowledge and history, the commitment to excellence and a passion to engage more of our alumni.


Rakhi ShahRakhi Shah SAS’18What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverJust like there is no single path to and from Rutgers, there is no single way to be Scarlet Forever. When I think back on my time as a student, Rutgers changed my life in many ways. In return, I hope to help advance and change Rutgers in many ways. I hold Rutgers to a high standard, I advocate on its behalf, and I help other alumni feel like they can and should do the same. That is Scarlet Forever.


linda_smithLinda C. Smith RC’76

What it Means to be Scarlet Forever

Scarlet Forever means having an appreciation for the gift of a Rutgers education. It means giving back to Rutgers for the many students who have followed and will continue to follow in our footsteps. Scarlet Forever means supporting Rutgers not only financially, but also by dedicating time and using the talents we’ve gained over the years. Scarlet Forever means being forever thankful.

Banking—commercial real estate and construction financing

Sabrina Worthy EnwereSabrina Worthy Enwere SAS’11What it Means to be Scarlet ForeverBeing Scarlet Forever pushes me to continuously improve communities that I belong to. I see my education as a blessing and gift that has helped lead me down a path and continues to advance me forward. Because of my Scarlet Forever passion, I find it imperative to advocate for affordable college and promote diversity and equity in areas of law, science and medicine so that Rutgers can also lead and create paths for others.


Term Lengths

Expiring on June 30, 2021
Gregory A. Bedard RC’97, RBS’03
Amanda Ebokosia, NCAS’08
Jeffrey Linfante CC’85, RSDM’90
Gloria K. Vanderham RC’00, SCILS’00

Expiring June 30, 2021
Matthew Aquino LC’08, RBS’08
Andrew J. Ciancia ENG’68, GSNB’70
Daryl W. Johnson CCAS’84
Tennille R. McCoy SMLR’08
Linda C. Smith RC’76

Expiring June 30, 2022
John Borak RC’66, RBS’68
Ruth Ann Burns DC’67, GSNB’75
Gizelle Clemens SPAA’13
Neda Farid NCAS’86
Gigio Ninan CLAW’11

Expiring June 30, 2023
Dominique Flores CNUR’19
Dana Jones DC’04, CSBC’07, CLAW’07
Christopher Maizys LC’93
Rakhi Shah SAS’18
Sabrina Worthy Enwere SAS’11