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Scarlet Traditions: Class Stone

Starting in 1876, engraving Kirkpatrick Chapel building stones became a graduation tradition. In later years, new stones were placed adjacent to the stone belonging to the class that graduated 50 years before.

The Scarlet Council and the Rutgers University Alumni Association have resurrected this piece of Rutgers history and brought this old class stone unveiling back into the student experience! Seniors, join us and participate in this time honored tradition of rubbing your class stone and take home a personal keepsake of your very own piece of Rutgers history!

Scarlet Traditions: Charter Day

In honor of the university’s birthday, Scarlet Council continues this legacy reaching back to 1895 with lighthearted celebrations involving food, trivia and fun giveaways. We have over 250 years of history to be proud of and our members are committed to spreading the spirit!

Scarlet Conversations

Join us for the ultimate Rutgers students and alumni evening! Sit down for dinner with an alumnus/a in your field of interest and connect over your shared career paths and memories of Rutgers. Learn the art of conversing over food and get an exclusive opportunity to network with our alumni family. Students today, Scarlet Forever!

AIM (Alumni Infusion Movement)

The mission of this program is to partner with other student organizations to better connect them with Rutgers Alumni. The program better maximizes the opportunities on campus to run alumni programming and provide a meaningful networking and pre-professional experience for all students, especially for those that may not have the resources or understanding of how to make these important connections. Contact us and let us bring alumni into your general meetings or events!

BEAT T-shirts, Football & Basketball Game Giveaways

Generating pride in Rutgers through the support of our student-athletes!