All Rutgers University–New Brunswick undergraduate students are invited to join the Scarlet Council, a group of student leaders who know what it means to be scarlet and who are excited to develop new opportunities that connect students and alumni. By planning and being a part of social and professional development events, Scarlet Council leaders create long-lasting relationships with each other, the university, and a vast alumni network.


  • MOTIVATE students to give back to Rutgers
  • ENCOURAGE a connection to the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA)
  • RAISE pride in alma mater
  • INSPIRE and connect students, alumni, and donors
  • TEACH students about alumni support of the university and its impact

Class of 2020

kayla_masterKayla Master RBS’20—President
Finance & Supply Chain Management

scarlet-council-executive-board-3Lily Perrine SAS’22—VP of Traditions

ashini_dias-wanigasekeraAshini Dias-Wanigasekera SAS’20—VP of Recruitment
Political Science & Economics

dani_slaninaDani Slanina SAS’20—VP of Leadership
Economics & Human Resource Management

vignesh_sridharVignesh Sridhar SOE’21—VP of Alumni Connections
Aerospace Engineering

shivani_patelShivani Patel RBS’20—VP of
Supply Chain Management


Directors: Sonya Gande SAS’20, Cara Lescott SAS’20, Mithu Sankaranarayanan RBS’20, Calvin Kuo SAS’20
Marco Pisciuneri SAS’20, Rahul Singh SAS’21, Jacob Klonsky SAS’22, and Geetam Patchigolla RBS’21