As you begin your lifelong connection with Rutgers, amplify your scarlet pride by getting involved with the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA). Made up of more than half a million living graduates, the RUAA keeps you connected with the global scarlet community by engaging you in ways that are personally meaningful to you.

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Joining the Scarlet Council will help you start your lifelong connection to Rutgers the moment you step onto campus.

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If you want to connect with Rutgers alumni who share your interests or live nearby, getting involved with an alumni club is a great way to do that. Alumni clubs are run by dedicated alumni volunteers in affiliation with the Rutgers University Alumni Association.

Did you know that a lot of alumni clubs encourage and want student attendance at their programs? Check one out today!

Graduating Soon?

Check out the Rutgers University Alumni Association’s New Grad resource webpage for all the information you need to stay connected.