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The New Start Career Network seeks Rutgers alumni with backgrounds in career counseling, recruiting, executive search, human resources, and related fields to serve as volunteer career coaches and help New Jersey’s older long-term unemployed job seekers.

Interested individuals are asked to complete a one-day orientation and training session, then donate two to four hours a week over a minimum of six months to coach one or more network members. Volunteers are also asked to complete brief questionnaires and participate in periodic meetings with other network coaches to exchange information on their experiences helping job seekers.

By joining the New Start Career Network, you become an important part of a statewide Rutgers-based team dedicated to reducing long-term unemployment in New Jersey. Your efforts will also contribute to a better understanding of strategies that are effective in serving job seekers and will help shape policies in New Jersey that can serve as a model for the nation.

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About New Start Career Network

The New Start Career Network is working to lower the number of long-term unemployed individuals in the Garden State. Operated by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers, the network provides

  • information and advice about the labor market, careers, and education and training options delivered by a dedicated website and tutorials that enable individuals to make wise choices and improve their job search skills;
  • coaching through peer-support networks, job clubs, and a volunteer job-coaching corps;
  • incentives that encourage employers to provide trial employment opportunities and on-the-job training for long-term unemployed job seekers;
  • employer engagement and commitments from employers to reform hiring practices, building upon initiatives undertaken by the White House and AARP; and
  • access and referral to a broad range of services, including education, training, mental health counseling, and financial advising, through a network of strategic partners.

All information the network collects regarding job coaches and member job seekers remains confidential.

Rutgers Alumni Lend A Hand

Your fellow alumni are volunteering their time to help other New Jerseyans find jobs. Below, two Rutgers graduates share how rewarding it was to donate their time and expertise.

Dave Pappalardo, a 1985 graduate of Rutgers College

“I was looking for a volunteer opportunity at Rutgers and a friend who was involved with Rutgers alumni activities told me about the network. The timing was perfect, as I had recently been downsized at a major financial services firm where I had worked for 25 years. It was a very unsettling experience to be searching for a job for the first time. I jumped at the chance to help others who were facing a similar situation. It was a great fit for me.”

Mike D’Alessio, a 1975 graduate of Rutgers University–Newark College of Arts and Sciences

“I know how difficult it is to be unemployed so I wanted to help people who are in this difficult position. I was always proud to be a Rutgers graduate. The fact that the network has done such a great job and is affiliated with Rutgers makes it extra special for me. Anytime I can help someone who is ‘reaching out’ is a rewarding experience for me.”