Rutgers University Alumni Association Grant Program
2021-22 Grant Recipients – Winter Cycle

The RUAA is proud to congratulate the following alumni groups on their proposed alumni engagement initiatives. Click here to learn more about the Rutgers University Alumni Association Grant Program and to submit an application. Grant funds for the below projects primarily support food, beverage, rentals, speaker gift/fee, volunteer recognition and other event related expenses.

Graduate School of Education Alumni Association (GSEAA)
Distinguished Faculty Lecture – This program will feature two distinguished faculty members who are engaged in thought-provoking research around the selected theme of “Access and Support: Retooling for Today’s Student.” This in-person event will engage alumni, prospective alumni (students), and faculty in an interactive conversation. This topic provides a broad appeal to practitioners and students who are searching for new thinking regarding the concept of access and support for students of all ages and their school communities.

GSEAA New Alumni Event – The GSEAA New Alumni Event is primarily dedicated to the 2022 graduates and their transition to becoming alumni. The GSEAA also focuses on meaningful engagement with current and future alumni, creating a culture of philanthropy, and maintaining to stay professional.

Latino Alumni Association of Rutgers University
The Mentor & Mentee Series, co-sponsored with the Center for Latino Arts and Culture, is a program that provides professional development and networking opportunities. All alumni, and especially Latinx alumni, are encouraged to share their knowledge and insights to support the success of fellow alumni.

Rutgers Alumni Association
The Rutgers Alumni Association’s Loyal Sons & Daughters are known for identifying outstanding individuals who are currently and will continue to contribute to the betterment of Rutgers through volunteer service or alumni engagement. Loyal Sons & Loyal Daughters is an opportunity for students and alumni to maintain the history of the RAA and the School of Arts and Sciences – New Brunswick.

Rutgers Business School Alumni Association
The Rutgers Business School Alumni Association is having an Annual Meeting and dinner to celebrate accomplishments and offer a networking opportunity between the participants and the broader alumni community. The goal being, to raise awareness about the alumni network to new volunteer leaders.

Rutgers Club of Lehigh Valley
The Rutgers Club of Lehigh Valley is hosting a Paint and Sip program, in which alumni and friends can expand their network over a shared Old Queens painting experience. This is proposed as an in-person event and can be held virtually if needed.

Rutgers Club of New York City
This event planned in the heart of NYC will showcase the Marine and Coastal Biology research of the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, and its impact to the NYC region specifically. This program will offer alumni an opportunity to connect and learn about environmental management and the impact of the growing blue economy while building their Rutgers network.

Rutgers Club of San Diego
The Rutgers Club of San Diego Spring Mixer is working towards a program filled with live music, dinner and dessert, and a speaker to help re-engage and engage current and new alumni. This project also focuses on the volunteerism of the program and local community.

Rutgers Club of San Francisco
The Rutgers Club of San Francisco Trivia Happy Hour is a virtual program where alumni of all ages, demographics, geographics and interests can participate in a trivia. This project also stresses the connection of engaging with neighboring alumni clubs such as alumni on the west coast.

Rutgers Club of Southern California
The bi-annual brunch by the club will offer an in person welcome back program where speakers and the many local alumni will socialize and network with each other.

Rutgers Club of Washington D.C.
The Rutgers Club of Washington D.C. is hosting a Fall Semester Crab Feast and New Student Send-off where students and families are invited to meet and network with current Rutgers’s students and/or alumni. This project is intended to have the next generation of alumni to engage with new and future members.

Rutgers Law School – Newark Alumni Association
The Rutgers School of Law-Newark Graduation Party is a celebration for the new law school students to provide them with the support and networking they need. These new graduates can engage with alumni that have industry experience and establish a network. They can serve as volunteers and help bridge connections with current students.

Rutgers School of Nursing – Camden Alumni Association
The Welcome Back Nurses Networking and Reunion is a social and networking events for students, graduate nurses, and nursing alumni. Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden Alumni Association puts an emphasis on the connections between newer nursing graduates and alumni to create a supportive and professional environment.

Rutgers University Club of South Carolina
The Rutgers University Club of South Carolina will provide a hybrid wine tasting event where a large group of alumni can engage over wine tasting and samplings from Italian cuisine in person or virtually. The love for wine and food will entice new and old alumni to join the program.

Sigma Epsilon Alumni Association
Sigma Epsilon Alumni Association’s project, Senior Welcome, is aimed to ease the transition of graduating seniors to active alumni members with a celebration through catering and gift baskets. The Sigma Epsilon Alumni community prioritizes the importance of the newest alumni members being engaged early on so they can gain networking and professional experience.

School of Management and Labor Relations Alumni Association
Impact of Algorithms on Human Relations & Labor Relations
This event, in partnership with the Dean’s Office and the NJ Office of Innovation will offer alumni an opportunity to reconnect with the work of school and its departments. This project emphasizes the diversity it will create using algorithms and mass marketing across the industry.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with Monika Navandar
In partnership with a related graduate chapter (RUSHRM) and student group (RULERA), this event is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion with Monika Navandar, a SMLR graduate and well-known DE&I consultant. This topic is relatable to all audiences and seeks to engage all alumni and beyond.

Veterans Alumni of Rutgers University
The Veterans Alumni of Rutgers University is hosting a softball event project, Veteran Alumni Softball Challenge, to foster veteran students and alumni engagement/networking opportunities.