Please complete and submit the application below by the following closing dates.

Summer: August 20 deadline (September 30 disbursement)
Winter: January 20 deadline (March 1 disbursement)

Include one project per application. You may submit multiple applications, provided the maximum total request is $1,500 per grant cycle.

NOTE: Given the current circumstances, there will be no in-person events until January 2021. Therefore, all programs that are scheduled to take place in 2020 must be virtual. Additionally, we ask that all in-person programs taking place through June 2021 be submitted with a virtual backup plan noted within the application. Any group that has unused funds from a previously awarded grant must document their updated plan for use of the funds with their staff partner to be eligible for any additional support.

View complete details on the RUAA Grant Program. If you have any additional questions, please contact your staff partner or

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  • Chartered Organization Information

  • Organization mailing address * Required
  • Mailing address where grant funds are to be sent, if awarded and if different from address above.
  • Project Details

  • Please indicate if you have funds left over from previous grant cycle(s) and will be applying them to the upcoming year.
  • Provide a detailed budget for the project.

    Download budget template
  • Indicate which program priority area(s) the project focuses on * Required
  • To ensure success and sustainability in engaging Rutgers alumni, all of the following items are required in order for this application to be reviewed:

    • A constitution and bylaws for the chartered organization (which must clearly define a mission and constituency) “is on file with the RUAA” OR “has been previously submitted to the RUAA.”
    • The chartered organization has at least four officers/leaders and all of them have submitted the annual Code of Conduct.
    • The chartered organization hosts at least one organizational meeting and one program/event each year to engage the organization’s target constituency.
    • The annual activity summary has been submitted to the RUAA.