Explore Alumni Benefits

The perks of being a Rutgers graduate are endless! From travel packages to insurance deals, the Rutgers alumni benefits program has something for everyone. Explore all of Rutgers alumni benefits.

Explore Alumni Benefits

Take Charge of Your Career

Need advice on your job search? Looking for a career mentor? Maybe you’d like to mentor a Rutgers student yourself? The RUAA can connect you with career resources and opportunities, including networking sessions, workshops, and one-on-one counseling services.

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Continue Your Education

Scarlet is forever and so is learning. You can expand your horizons and your career by pursuing a new degree or completing a nondegree or certificate program. Whether the setting is on campus, off campus, or online, explore your potential through continuing education.

Get a Transcript

Need a copy of your Rutgers transcript for graduate school or a job application? Request a transcript online.

Get a Diploma

Apply for a copy of your Rutgers diploma online.